Outdoor advertising design – what you need to know

The design of outdoor advertising is just as important as the quality of its production. It doesn’t matter what product it is, banners Vancouver or a sign, poster, etc. Every business needs a smart design to get potential customers to take the action the advertiser needs. And we are talking not only about the combination of colors, each of which is capable of influencing the emotional state of a person in its own way. It is important to correctly place advertising information on the surface of the sign.

Designers of outdoor advertising do not lose sight of the moment that is associated with the placement of information on the surface of the advertising product, as well as with the shape of the sign itself. For effective influence, it is necessary to take into account the symbolic meaning of geometric shapes. Because shapes and lines are capable of shaping perception. If it is a square banner, then you can not leave empty corners, because these places attract more attention. The square shape itself is associated with stability and a sense of solidity.

The shape of the oval is able to draw attention to the central part of the advertising message. Because the oval looks like an egg, and the egg symbolizes new life. It is worth choosing if you need to advertise a fundamentally new product that has appeared on the market. Universal shapes are rectangle and circle. By choosing a rectangle, you can’t go wrong when you want to create a powerful outdoor advertisement. But the content of the sign, the location of text and graphic information will also be important.

Text layout, picture features

Signage must be clear and legible. It is important to choose the most understandable phrases. It is important to choose the color of the font. It should not blend into the background. The spacing between words should be such that the words do not merge into one line. If a potential client does not understand what is written on the sign, then it is impossible to ensure the effectiveness of outdoor advertising. He simply does not understand what the advertiser wants to convey to him.

It is necessary to think over the location and content of the text in terms design of placement in a specific place. Too much text should not be typed. It is better to choose bright pictures, illustrations. Photographs that capture a product in a compelling way are effective. For example, if it is a food product, then it should definitely cause an appetite. A potential client will then decide to buy it if he wants to evaluate its taste even before the moment when he can actually taste it.

At the same time, for certain types of businesses, it is important to choose pictures that will inspire maximum confidence. An example is reale state signs. This is an outdoor advertisement ordered by realtors. Many of them often place their photo on signs. But the photo is always filled with positive, positive emotions. The realtor is often depicted in a formal suit, which helps to build trust among clients. At the same time, many real estate signboards often contain the most necessary information. Because in some cases some pictures will be superfluous. For example, if it’s a sign that points in the direction of a property for sale, then it’s a picture of a directional arrow and the most important contact information so you can get in touch with the realtor who owns the sign.

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