Amazing Mems Long Hairstyles

In the past few decades, long hairstyles were only meant for women. Today anyone can rock any hairstyle they like, meaning men can also wear long hair. Historically, a man with long hair symbolized power and wealth, unlike today, where long hair is all about fashion and style. There are so many mens long hairstyles to choose from.

Short hairstyles were introduced as a requirement for men in the military, and other fields copied the idea as a professional way of men grooming their hair. However, the idea of men being associated with only short hair has slowly faded with civilization. Men can now rock long hairstyles whenever they feel like it. Below are the best mens long hairstyles to choose from.

  1. The Shag Haircut

Allowing your hair to grow long and shaggy as a man is outstanding. In this idea, the hair is not sleek but looks stylish and sexy. It is a good idea for men who have straight and thick hair. 

The hairstyle does not take a lot of care and maintenance. It also does not require a lot of styling, which most men don’t like. It is one of the mens long hairstyles that you can choose to wear either messy or neat, depending on your mood for the day.

2. Long Curly Hair

The perfect long hairstyle idea for men with naturally curly hair. In most cases, curly hair comes with both volume and texture, which requires some taming to deal with excess frizz. 

Long curly hair gives men a relaxed look, and they can wear it in a bun with an undercut for a masculine touch. You can also wear the long curly in its natural state and combine it with full-face beards to complete the look.

3. Long-Layered Hair

Getting your long hair layered makes it easy to thin out naturally thick hair. On the other hand, layering hair can also help add volume and texture to naturally thin hair. Long layered hair is a good option for men with square or round faces.

4. Long Hair With Textured Waves

Textured waves make the long hair of men more outstanding. It is suitable for men with naturally wavy textured hair and can be done for men with any face shape.

5. Long Straight Hair

If your hair is naturally straight as a man, you can achieve this look without even trying. The challenge here may be trying to grow the hair long, but with the proper practices and the right hair products, the long hair will cooperate without much effort.

You can style your straight hair in so many ways to suit different occasions. You can always get inspiration on styling techniques online or have your hair stylist advise you on the best styling options depending on the shape of your face.

6. Long Hair With A Side Part

This idea is simple and can be done by men with any hair texture and face shape. The unique characteristic of this hairstyle is the side part which you can decide whether to have on the left or the right.

7. Long Hair With A Center Part

For this idea, you will leave your hair to grow long and always ensure you part it in the middle to get two equal parts on both sides of the head. This idea is more suitable for men who have symmetrical facial features.

8. Long Dreadlocks

This hairstyle is common for men with type-c hair. Dreadlocks allow your hair to grow long without necessarily having to do a lot of styling. You can combine dreadlocks with an undercut and a faded beard style for a more defined masculine fade.

Long dreadlocks do not require much maintenance other than regular cleaning and spraying to maintain hygiene and always look fresh.

9. A Man Bun

A man bun looks very stylish and stunning regardless of the face shape. You can combine the man bun with the beard style of your choice to make the style more practical and sexy. You can have the bun at the top or low on your head, depending on the pattern of your hairline.

10. Long Braids  

There are so many braiding options for men with long hair. Depending on what you think best represents your personality, you can have the hair in cornrows or cute French braids.

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