Dog Names by Color

Dogs are incredibly special. We all know this. It can be difficult to resist the urge to name your dog after their amazing color and pattern choices. If you’re struggling to come up with an appropriate name and want something that’s truly reflective of your pup’s appearance, whether its cream dog names or blonde dog names or silver dog names or fawn dog names or black and white dog names or even tri-colored dog names, we have them all in our list of dog names by color.

If you are indeed looking for dog names by color, you’ve come to the right place. And while we’re on the subject, dog names based on color are probably much more commonplace than you realize, and half of the time you probably haven’t thought about it because the name is just such a natural and perfect fit. We’re sure that you’ll find the perfect name for your dog among our examples here, as we present to you all of the best names that you can imagine for any dog of any color.

Many dog names feature a color theme. Here are some of the best dog names by color!

When it comes to black dogs, we’re most commonly going to find breeds such as Border Collies, Afghan Hounds, Barbets, Poodles, and Portuguese Water Dogs. Pure black is the most popular shade. With names such as Carbon, Charcoal or Guinness and Liquorice, Midnights, Noirs, Onyxs, Raven, Shadow, Silhouette, you can really make that a reality.

Breeds such as the Alaskan Husky, Alpine Dachsbracke, American Staffordshire Terrier, Beagle, Bernese Mountain Dog, Border Collie, Braque D’auvergne, Bull Terrier, and a whole lot more can feature prominent black fur, with black fur actually being the most commonly found color of doggy coat that there is. Some breeds are more well-known for their black or tan furs. This list will include names for black and tan Coonhounds.

Blackberry, Blackjack and Blackmagik are good options to include the color in the name. You can also use ghostly names like Darkness Eclipse, Midnight or Phantom.

DID YOU KNOW? It’s an unfortunate fact of life that, statistically speaking, black-colored dogs tend to be some of the most overlooked ones at the animal shelter, often not being picked until last. If you’re thinking of heading over to the animal shelter any time soon keep this in mind, and give an amazing black dog an amazing new home!

Here are our most favorite black dog names:

Black Dog Names

Great dog names by color: white/blonde puppy

When we think of white dogs we may think of Samoyeds, Malteses, Bichon Frises, Pomeranians, Great Pyreneeses, Argentine Dogos, Westies, or even Huskies. Most commonly, white fur comes in the form of a pure white coat, but the category of “white dogs” may also refer to those with a light cream coloration, or even shades of very light lemon.

Some great names that can really show off your dog’s white coat include things like Albino, Blanco, Casper, Chalky, Cloudy, Cotton, Coconut, Ghost, Marshmallow, Milky, or Vanilla. And if winter’s your thing, you can get some great wintery names like Alaska, Blizzard, Frosty, Icicle, Igloo, Polar, Snow, Snowball, Snowflake, or of course, for all the Tintin fans out there, Snowy.

Did you know? White haired dogs — and this goes for white haired cats, too — have the highest risk of having hearing troubles? When we look at the Dalmatian, 22% of its breed is deaf in their one ear, while 8% are deaf both. That’s a whopping 30% of the entire Dalmatian population that’s born with some kind of a hearing deficit.

Here’s our list of all of our favorite white dog names, including a few black and white dog names for dalmation lovers and cream colored dog names:

White Dog Names

Red coats are something of a rarer occurrence than other popular coats such as black, white, and brown. However, there are still many breeds that sport the color such as the Viszla, Irish Setter and Dachshund. The red banner colors can include orange, roan or chestnut, as well as tan and rust. Blenheim and Tawny colors also fall under the Red grouping. If you really want to capitalize on your dogs amazing red coat, there are some great names that play on the word “red,” such as Redford, Redina, Red Rova, or even just Red.

There are many great names for food and drink lovers, such as Cherry, Ginger, Tabasco or Tabasco. Some other great color-based names to consider are Crimson Ruby, Crimson Ruby, Scarlet or Claret. Firey names like Blaze Diablo, Ember and Flame might also be worth considering.

DID YOU NOW? One of the most famous dogs of all time was a red dog, aptly named Red Dog. Red Dog was a kelpie/cattle dog mix who became famous for his travels through the Pilbara region of Western Australia. After several owners and several lengthy travels of his own, Red Dog became something of a mascot and friend to the greater Pilbara community, as well as becoming a mascot of the Bank of New South Wales along with the slogan “If Red banks at the Wales, then you can too.” Red Dog died in 1979 at the age of 7-8 and a statue has since been erected in his honor, along with several books and a critically acclaimed feature film. That’s something not many dogs can do.

Some of our all time favorite red dog names include the following:

Red Dog Names

Where grey or silver dogs are concerned, the Weimaraner is probably the classic, most recognizable example with its sleek, silver coat. Pumi and the Scottish Deerhound are great examples of grey- or silver-coated dogs.

You can get shades for grey or silver dogs in steel, slate, grizzle and charcoal. Sometimes, even blues, are added to the grey-and-silver category. Names that fit these colors can be made from minerals and metals like Cobalt, Slate or Steel. Blues are often found under the grey and silver categories. You can capitalize on this by using names such as Aqua, Bluebelle or Sky. And speaking of fictional characters, how about everyone’s favorite Lord of the Rings character, Gandalf the Grey!

Some of the great silver and grey dog names that we love include the following:

Great dog names by color: silver coated dog

Grey or Silver Dog Names

Great dog names by color: golden dog

Under the umbrella of blonde or gold haired dogs we find some pretty classic breeds that even the most dog apathetic person will know. We also have American Cocker Spaniels and English Cocker spaniels. Other less well-known blonde or golden haired breeds are the Vizsla and Basenji, Boerboel and Pharoah Hound.

This breed is great because it comes in a variety of delicious blonde and golden colors. Buttery names such Butterball or Buttercup are great options. You could also think of dessert-based names such as Biscuit, Caramel Custard, Honey, Custard, Custard, and Toffee. Or more general foodie names like Cashew, Cornbread, Crusty, Mustard, Nacho, Nugget, or Sesame?

DID YOU KNOW? Over the years, blonde and golden-colored dogs like the Golden Retriever consistently rank among the top dogs in America. It currently ranks alongside the Labrador Retriever and the German Shepherd, and the Golden Retriever in top 1, 2, and 3 spots, respectively.

Here are our favorite blonde dog names and gold dog names:

Blonde or Gold Dog Names

Great dog names by color: brown and tan pup peeking at camera

This can include chocolate, grey browns, mahogany, liver, mid toned brown or black and brown (brindle) colored furs, along with straws, sandys and mustards. The most popular brown or tanned dog breeds are the Dutch Shepherd, Basset Hound and Bloodhound, Bloodhound, Boston Terrier (Boston Terrier), Foxhound, Labradoodle (Miniature Poodle), Shih Tzu, Shihpoo, Shih-poo, Yorkshire Terrier and the Boston Terrier.

Food and drink based names have been something of a running theme thus far, and with tan or brown dog names it’s no different. People like to compare the colors of the food we eat and the colors that we see. It’s not surprising that people love to name their dogs with the names of their favorite foods and drinks. Brownie, Coco and Fudge are some of the most popular names for brown dogs.

Our favorite brown dog names and tan dog names are the following:

Brown or Tan Dog Names

The fawn breed is something of a yellowy color, or very light brown or tan with something of a dark or black colored mask on the face. Beagles, Bloodhounds, Collies, Dameranians, Collies, Collies, Welsh Terriers, and Golden Retrievers are all popular fawn breeds. Multi colored dog breeds can obviously come in all different shapes and sizes, and some of the more colorful breeds out there include the Catahoula Leopard Dog, Blue Nose Pitbuls, Harlequin Great Dane, Treeing Tennessee Brindle, Cardigan Welsh Corgi, Liver-ticked German Shorthaired Pointer and the Irish Red Setter.

If you’re looking for dog names by color, it can be a little tricky to come up with multicolored dog names or tri colored dog names. Dots, Dots, Jesters, Oreos, Rainbows, Skittles and Sprinkles are all great names that take advantage of their variety of colors.

DID YOU KNOW? Dogs aren’t just limited to a multitude of colors on their fur; they can also have multiple colors in their eyes too, just like us humans can! Heterochromatic is the term for dogs that have different colors in their eyes. There are legends and myths that heterochromatic dogs can see the sky and the earth simultaneously. This rare trait is most common in certain breeds like Australian Shepherds, Louisiana Catahoula Leopard Dogs, and Huskies.

Finally, here are our favorite fawn dog names and other dog names by color for multiple coat colors:


1. What are some popular blonde dog names?

– Some popular blonde dog names include Sandy, Goldie, Blondie, Honey, and Sunny.

2. Should I choose a name based on my dog’s fur color?

– It’s entirely up to you. Some pet owners choose names based on their dog’s appearance, while others choose names based on their personality or breed.

3. Can I name my blonde dog after a famous blonde celebrity?

– Absolutely! Many pet owners name their pets after their favorite celebrities or characters. For example, you could name your blonde dog Marilyn after Marilyn Monroe.

4. Is choosing a unique name for my blonde dog important?

– It’s not necessary, but it can be helpful. Choosing a unique name can make it easier for your dog to recognize their name and respond to commands.

5. How do I know if a name is a good fit for my blonde dog?

– The best way to know if a name fits your dog is to try it out. Say the name out loud and see if your dog responds to it. If they seem to like it and respond well to it.

Fawn or Multi-colored Dog Names




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