How Tech Has Disrupted Dating


This isn’t the first time that technology altered how we communicate and connect with the rest of the world. The invention of the telegraph, the telephone, CB radios, and internet chat rooms all led to major changes in how we socialize.

Today, the smartphone is at the center of the latest technical revolution as it relates to communicating, and dating may have been impacted the most. Thanks to the smartphone that virtually all of us carry, we are always present and easy to contact. Even when we aren’t online, someone can use their smartphones to peruse whatever social media presence we’ve created. It’s doubtful our parents or grandparents imagined a world where potential suitors could learn all about them before ever speaking a single word to them.

The Death of The Blind Date

There is a very good chance that you have someone in your family tree who got married and started a family because they went on a blind date. Today, people are still set up by their friends, but the concept has really changed. It’s so easy to find out anything you might want to know about another person that the element of surprise has pretty much been eliminated.

That’s not always a bad thing. Doing that kind of research can soothe some safety concerns. It’s also a great way to dodge a major bullet when you find out that a potential date has worldviews that make you wish brain bleach really existed no deposit bonuses.

Widening Social Circles

Social media has also created a much wider dating pool for so many of us. Our social circles may have only rippled out a few layers in the past. There was family, close friends, friends, and acquaintances. Now, you might find yourself embroiled in an in-depth discussion of the latest movie with the cousin of a person you met at that book club your sister dragged you to last month.

Additionally, the combination of smartphones and social media means it’s possible to communicate and connect almost anywhere. Dating and socializing are no longer limited to weekends and a couple of precious hours in the evening.

Speed And Choice as a Confidence Booster

Picture life before dating apps. You’re attracted to someone, and get up the nerve to ask them out. It takes hours, even days to get to that point. Then, you get rejected. It could take months to shake that off and regain your confidence.

With dating apps, the entire experience changes. Rather than taking days or longer to find a crush, you might encounter five or six people who interest you in just a few moments. Acting on those feelings is a matter of tapping or swiping. Visit Hily app or another dating platform to see this working at scale. If you get rejected, you simply move on to the next profile. There’s no time to feel sad or inadequate. You will make a connection shortly.


When you use dating apps, you agree to abide by certain rules. These ensure that all users have a great experience and that they feel safe. You’ll even find a mechanism for reporting behavior that is harassing or alarming. That’s because the companies that own these dating apps know they must commit to safety and accountability in order to provide the user experience people demand. Contrast this approach with offline dating where nothing is reportable unless it’s a crime.

Technology has led to better safety in other ways too. There are apps that keep people connected with friends and family when they go out on dates, and that will contact emergency services if need be.

Technology is Ultimately Beneficial

People often assume that tech has turned dating colder. That couldn’t be further from the truth. Instead, it helps people connect more authentically while creating a safer environment for doing so.

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