Milan Christopher- The first openly gay rapper featured on ‘Love and Hip Hop Hollywood’

Milan Christopher, a rapper, and model, gained attention in the second season premiere of the show when he appeared with his boyfriend, Miles, who was not publicly out at the time of filming (although they were aware that the show would be broadcast). Despite this, Milan is an accomplished and multi-talented individual in the filmmaking industry. Here are some key facts about the new star of Love & Hip Hop Hollywood.

About Milan Christopher

Milan Christopher | Booking Agent | Talent Roster | MN2S

Milan Christopher has been gaining increased attention in television and media circles lately. He is an actor who has appeared in several movies and TV shows and has been prominently featured in numerous media outlets and magazines. Notably, Christopher appeared on VH1’s Love & Hip Hop: Hollywood, where he bravely came out as gay and addressed the issue of homophobia within the hip-hop industry. Additionally, he has become an active LGBT activist, making noteworthy contributions to the cause. As an actor, Christopher has also starred in various commercials and TV series.

Milan has collaborated with popular brands such as Virgin Mobile, Chase Bank, and Red Bull. He has appeared in two prominent shows, Nip/Tuck and Love & Hip Hop: Hollywood. Milan’s song “When I Go” received the Gentleman of Artistry award in 2016. As an entrepreneur, the actor-model has ventured into various segments. He has made a name for himself as an underwear designer and also owns a sex toy brand called Fleshjack. Furthermore, Milan has created the comic book Regeneron, which features the first-ever homosexual superhero.

Milan Christopher Relationship and personal details

Milan Christopher, a 37-year-old model, and actor, stands at a height of 5 feet 11 inches and weighs approximately 70 kg. He is bald and has black eyes. Milan attended Brown University. He identifies as bisexual and is currently presumed to be single, having been romantically linked with both men and women in the past. Interestingly, his uncle is married to the daughter of Motown legend Berry Gordy.

Milan Christopher Dating Life

Christopher, an American rap star, is openly gay and has been in several relationships with notable figures such as Amber Laura, Moniece Slaughter, EJ King, and Miles Brock. In 2016, he was romantically involved with Miles Brock, who is an actor in The Broom Wedding. However, the pair ended their relationship the same year.

After the split with Miles, rumors began circulating that Christopher was dating American model and actress Moniece Slaughter. This sparked confusion among his fans and followers, who were unsure about his sexual orientation—whether he was gay or bisexual. However, Christopher later clarified through his Instagram that his relationship with Moniece was just that of good friends.

To dispel all the rumors, it has been speculated that he was romantically involved with EJ Thompson, a reality show personality who is also widely known as the son of NBA legend Magic Thompson. In 2017, Christopher and EJ Thompson made a joint appearance at the 48th Gala Vanguard Awards hosted at the LGBT Center. However, neither of them has fully confirmed the nature of their relationship.

Birth Name Milan Christopher
Birth Date February 28, 1984 (Age 37)
Birth Place Chicago, Illinois, USA
Birth Sign Pisces
Gender Male
College Brown University
Education Graduate
Profession Model, Actor, Rapper, Entrepreneur
Active Years 2008- Present
Country United States of America
Nationality American
Height 5 feet 11 inches
Weight 70 kg
Eye colour Black
Hair colour Bald
Sexual Orientation Bisexual
Spouse(s) Unmarried
Girlfriend(s) Boyfriend(s) Amber Laura, Moniece Slaughter
Ej King, Miles Brock
Children No
Tattoos Yes
Social Media Handles Instagram
Youtube- N/A
Net worth $4 million

Milan Christopher education and career choices

Milan spent his childhood in Chicago’s Southside, where he indulged in his passions of dancing, singing, and collecting insects. In 2013, he completed his bachelor’s degree in ethnic and historical studies from Brown University. At 24 years old, Milan ventured to Los Angeles with aspirations of pursuing a career in acting and modeling. His upbringing on Chicago’s south side inspired him to delve into rapping, producing, and modeling, which he began in the summer of 2008 upon arriving in Los Angeles.

Milan Christopher career journey

Milan Christopher is a well-known personality on American television, having made significant appearances. He is also a hip-hop artist and model who publicly came out as gay. With a large following on both social media and in real life, the young artist is considered an influencer. During his college years, Christopher initially planned to become a biologist but eventually decided to pursue a career in modeling and rapping. In the early stages of his acting career, he appeared in several TV commercials and public service announcements. Christopher had the opportunity to work with renowned artist Beyonce on her single “Haunted.” He later embarked on a solo career and released his debut rap single, “Burning Up.”

In 2016, the rapper released his debut album, The Alpha, which featured the single “When I Go.” The song’s music video received both praise and criticism for its depiction of domestic abuse and the inhumane treatment that individuals face due to their sexuality. The video went viral, propelling Christopher to become a frequent topic in various media outlets and magazines.

Christopher’s groundbreaking role as the first openly gay character on the reality series Love & Hip Hop: Hollywood propelled his success further. This achievement led to him being featured on the front page of the Los Angeles Times and making an appearance on The Wendy Williams Show. As his career progressed, Christopher went on to secure roles on various shows, such as Nip/Tuck, The Doctors, and 12 Corazones.

In addition to his acting career, Christopher also stars in a superhero series called Regeneron, where he takes on the lead role.

Interesting facts you need to know

Who is Milan Christopher dating? Milan Christopher boyfriend, husband

When it comes to Hollywood, it’s important to know who’s who. With new faces emerging frequently, it can be challenging to keep up. However, Milan Christopher is not one to shy away from the spotlight. Through his active music and acting careers, he has garnered significant attention and has never expressed a desire to lead a sheltered life. Instead, he takes pride in being outspoken and is not afraid to bear it all, sometimes quite literally. Christopher is determined to make his voice heard and leave his mark in the industry.

  • Paper Magazine

In 2017, Christopher made headlines worldwide with his bold photoshoot for Paper magazine. The photographs featured Christopher in his entirety, including full frontal nudity. In an interview with VH1 that same year, Christopher spoke about his daring decision, stating, “I believe that my body is beautiful, and I consider it to be art. It should be celebrated just like women’s bodies are.”

  • He’s the first openly gay male on VHI.

It may come as a surprise in today’s times, but Christopher has always been open about his homosexuality and takes pride in it. His willingness to own his identity and present himself confidently to the public is truly inspiring. His actions have struck a chord with many, and they have commended him for them.

  • Prince and Michael Jackson were his role models.

Christopher acknowledged the significant influence that Prince and Michael Jackson had on him, acknowledging them as two exceptional men who could inspire anyone. Their charisma and larger-than-life stage and public personas were a significant part of shaping Christopher’s identity. He was motivated by their enthusiasm, which ultimately resulted in him developing a persona that closely resembled his idols.

Milan Christopher comic character creation

Ragneron, the first openly homosexual black male superhero character in a comic book, was developed by Milan in 2019. Later, in November of the same year, Milan Christopher launched the Milan Christopher Television Subscription Network, which is a streaming channel.

Christopher exit from the show

Milan Christopher: Biography, Careers, Relationship, Controversies

It is possible that Milan Christopher’s departure from the show was well-known among his fans, but it appears that he was let go after requesting a higher fee for another appearance. The show’s decision-makers may have felt that his requested compensation did not align with his perceived value, leading them to terminate his involvement. Despite being an entertaining character, Milan Christopher likely overestimated his significance to the show.

His notable involvement and appearances

In 2008, he relocated from Chicago to Los Angeles, where he began his modelling career with companies and publications such as Speedo and Vibe Magazine. Additionally, he made an appearance on the reality show Love & Hip Hop: Hollywood alongside Ray J and Omarion.

Christopher ventured into acting with a small role as Travis in the 2008 comedy-drama film Friends & Lovers: The Ski Trip 2. He went on to star in various short films, such as 116 Seconds, released in 2009; Limikkin Ranch, released in 2009; and Strive, released in 2011. He also played notable roles such as Duke in Sugar Valentine 2, released in 2011, and Dorian in Chocolate City, released in 2013. Furthermore, Christopher explored his passion for film by directing, producing, and acting in movies such as Dark Claw (2012) and Ragneron, released in 2019.

Ending Note

Milan Christopher’s fame stems more from his activism than his skill as an actor. Despite his belief that he deserves more recognition, he continues to work hard to stay relevant and hopes that one day he will receive the attention and acclaim he desires.

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