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cute i miss you quotes

You can feel all kinds of emotions when you are missing someone you care about. It can make you sad and lonely. However, it can also make you feel happy inside.

Whatever reason you might have for missing someone there is an aching feeling. It is almost impossible not to feel that feeling of longing or the closeness you feel with that person.

YouYou might be missing that special person for many reasons. Perhaps you’re in a long-distance relationship, or going through a divorce. Maybe that person died. It doesn’t matter what the reason, it’s normal to grieve for someone you had a strong relationship with.

However, it can sometimes be difficult to find the right words for what you are feeling. Here are some examples. IThese miss you quotes will help you to say how much you miss that person in your world.

You will find a quote to express your feelings right now, from sweet and funny to romantic and sad. These quotes can help you express your feelings about another person.

I Miss You QuotesAnd Messages

1. IIt hurts to miss you so badly

2. After all the time passed IStill find myself missing you every hour of each day, every week and every month.

3. There are not any moments in any day that are perfect. IDon’t let me feel like I’m missing you.

4. IClose my eyes, and you will be there. But what if? IYou won’t find anything if you open them. IRecognize how important I miss you.

5. IWe miss you so very much II envy those who have the opportunity to see you every day.

6. IYou are missed a lot, a bit too often, and a little bit more every day.

7. IThis is what you need to know IWe love you for how much we care I miss you.

8. II wonder if it is possible to miss you as much as I miss you.

9. I miss your voice. IYou will not be forgotten. I miss your face. I miss you.

10. IIt was my thought II could manage being apart of you, but I miss you too much.

11. Missing you can happen in waves. Tonight? IAm just drowning.

i miss you quote

12. Every now and again ISee something that reminds you of me and then go there I am, missing you again.

13. IWe won’t lie. Truth is that IWe really do miss you.

14. It is impossible to make a room feel emptyer than wishing you were there.

15. I have an empty space in my heart that used to hold you.

16. If IA flower for every occasion IConsider how important you are to yourself. IYou are missing you, then IImagine walking in an endless, green garden.

17. I can’t believe that IWe still love you despite everything we have been through.

18. Sometimes the pain of being alone is too much.

19. I can’t even begin to tell you how much I miss you.

20. I can’t pretend that I don’t miss you because IWe are here to help you with everything. IDo.

21. I can’t help that IMiss you and the person who was there IWhen? II was there for you.

22. IThis is what you need to know II love you. I miss you even when you’re just in the next room.

23. I’m not sure what is worse: missing you, or pretending that I don’t.

24. Without you, even the most vibrant and colorful garden can look dull and boring.

25. IWe miss you so very much ITo show you how bad it hurts, I’d throw a rock at your face.

26. IYou are missing me a lot, a lot too often, and a lot more with every passing day.

27. 27.

28. I miss you once IWake up! I miss you once IYou can fall asleep. IWish we could always be one another.

29. YouAlthough you may not always be there for me, I know that you are always there in my heart. I miss you.

30. IWhen we are together again, we will cease to miss you.

31. You don’t have to be a thousand miles from me for me to miss you.

32. II would rather be with you than miss you.

i miss you quotes

33. IWe miss you so very much I can’t help but feeling that every song IHear is all about you.

34. I have never had a moment that was not meaningful. IDon’t miss out.

35 YouYou are always my first thought when I think about them. IGet up every morning. That’s how much I miss you.

36 IIt was my thought ICould handle being apart from your but IThey were wrong.

37. It is the worst feeling to miss you and not be able have you with me.

38. Missing you is my heart’s way of reminding me that IWe love you.

39. It is difficult to miss you.

40. You are like my heart is empty when I am without you. IFeel this way, because my heart is still with yours.

41 41. I miss you, all IAll I want is to hold you in my arms, and kiss your cheeks.

42 IYou are my favorite person. Even the things that used annoy me while you were still with us.

43 The dictionary does not contain enough words to describe how much IWe miss you and we long for you.

44 There’s an emptiness inside of me that tells me that IYou are truly missed.

45 45. IThe most important thing I will miss is our time together.

46 46. I miss you right now, IYou will always come back to me.

47 II miss you so much, but this distance between the two of us is only temporary. Nothing can separate us from one another in this world.

50 50 II had to tell you how much I miss you, IYou would break down and just cry.

51 51. IThat was the end of it. IWe would love to see you. IWould hug you tighter, kiss your cheeks a bit longer, and tell that you are loved. II still love you.

miss you quotes

52 I miss you. And I miss us. We were a great team.

53 INever cease to wonder if I am missing you as much. I miss you.

54 I hope you’re not doing great without me. To be honest, IYou are my wreck. I miss you too much.

55 YouYou may be far away, but I will never forget you.

56 IYour lips and all that is attached to your lips are missing.

57 IIt was amazing to see how you made me smile so easily.

58 You are still an important part of who, even though we live miles apart. Iam.

59 Distance is nothing You still matter in my life.

60 60. IConsider this: ILove you, and other times IConsider this: I hate you. You are a horrible person. I don’t miss you.

61 IYou had hoped to say a lot, but you didn’t. ICould really come up with this is that I miss you.

62 YouYou are the only one who can. IYou want. I miss you.

63 II have never missed someone as much in my life. I miss you.

64 My heart breaks for you.

65 My thoughts are full of yours. Do you see how much? I miss you?

66 IOnly you will be missed when I am awake.

67 IYou are a part of me that I will always miss.

68 Whenever IIt is so much! I miss you, IRemind me of that II was fortunate to have met you in the first instance.

69. 69. I miss you right now?

70 Even if you’re not by my side anymore IOur hearts are still joined.

71 Until we meet again IWe will be missing your presence.

72 IWe will miss you, because you are impossible for us to forget.

73 YouMy life has been a testament to your kindness and generosity. IIt’s impossible not to do it, I miss you.

74. Even if IYou spent the entire day with me. IWe will still be missing you even if you are gone.

75 No matter how busy ITry to be kind to yourself IAlways find a second to remember you.

76 II will miss you everyday because you were so special to my heart.

77 IYour absence is as a mountain misses the sky.

78 IWe miss you as much as the sun misses all the stars each morning.

79. For me, a day without you is incomplete. I miss you.

80 IOnly you will be missed when I’m breathing.

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81. If you’re not there, the sun will forget to shine.

82. IWe have been waiting all day for the days when IYou are not missed anymore.

83 The opposite of two is a lonely person and a lonely one.

84 You are not where you were before. IThis is what happens when we often give in to temptation. IYou are my missing person.

85 YouIt left me feeling lost and alone.

86. If you, one person, are gone, everything seems out of balance.

87 YouYou have left nothing but my fondest memories.

88 I am 88. IHave the memories of me.

89 When II miss you, the time seems to be moving so slowly.

90 YouYou don’t realize how hard it is for you to not think of me.

91 IWe miss you the most IYou can see me smile knowing that my smile is not meant for you.

92. The only thing that is certain is IYou can do it when IYou will be missed if you don’t look at your photos and smile.

93. Although people say time heals all injuries, I feel that it has given me the opportunity to miss you even more.

94 IIt is making it hard to cry. Without you, my life is not the same.

95 YouYou are the missing link in my life. All IYou only need to do it.

96 Even if you’re not there, I still remember the sound of your voice or the scent of your hair.

97 Loving you is the best thing IHave ever done and it is hard to miss you. IHave ever done.

98. My love for your is so strong that it feels like the Earth missing the Sun at night.

99 IWe miss you so very much IWe can only pray that you will return to us as a wave does to the shore.

100 IWe love you so very much. IEven if you’re in the same bed with me, I miss you.

101 I guess that missing you is just my heart’s way of reminding me how much IWe love you.

sweet i miss you quotes

102 IIt would be great to have you here. IWe were there or we were anywhere together.

103. For me, missing you would be the worst thing.

104 I just can’t get you out of my mind. Perhaps you’re just meant to be there.

105. The worst feeling is missing you, not being able see you, hold you and let you know you are okay.

106 IYou hate it Imiss you, and that there is nothing I can do about it.

107 II wonder if it is possible to think of each other at once.

108 Hours can feel like seconds when we’re together. When we are apart, however, it can feel like days.

109. You left me without telling me how I could live without you.

110 Before I met you, IIt was impossible to miss someone so badly.

111 How to ILet us know how much you are willing to pay IAre you missing you in a way which will make your heart hurt the same way as mine?

112. I’m in my bed, you’re in your bed, and one of us is in the wrong place.

113 IYour voice is so familiar, it makes you feel at home.

114 IYou hate it IStill hoping that you will be there for me one day.

115 115.

116. It’s impossible to forget the person who has given you so many things to think about.

117. The worst feeling is missing you and not being missed back.

118 It’s easier to miss you every day, because even thought is difficult IAm one day more from the last day II saw you. II am also closer to the day when we will see each other again.

119 IWe miss you a lot. IYou could even say that you do it a lot too often and that you do it a lot more every day.

120 We have the best. Despite being separated by a distance, we can still enjoy each other’s company. Yes, of course IEvery day, we miss you.

121 All parts of me long for your presence.

122. II could use one of your hugs right away. IGuess I’m just really missing you.

123. ITry my best to not be irritated by you. I still do.

124 IYou are so missed at night that I II hug my pillow often in bed and pretend it’s you.

125 II still wait anxiously for the day. IYou don’t have to be gone anymore.

126 126.

127 Right now IAm homesick and my home, you.

128 128. ITell me that I miss you, II’m actually asking you to tell me if you also miss me.

129 It is simple because IDo it every day. Missing you is a heartache which will never end.

sweet love quotes

130 IYou will never be found again IAm with you.

131. Don’t ever forget that II love you and will always be there for you when we are apart. I am missing you desperately.

132 IWe miss you so very much IThere are only three things that this world desires: to see you and to hug you.

133 It’s not bad, is it? IYou are the only thing I think of when I think about you.

134 IWe are here for you. IWe love you. I miss you.

135. For me, missing you is a hobby, caring for you is a job, making you happy is my duty, and loving you is my life’s purpose.

136 If II could do it my way II would rather kiss you now than miss you and want to be with your.

137 IWe will keep loving you and missing your company until the end.

138 Distance is scary. I don’t know if you miss me or if you are slowly forgetting me. All IYou should know that I miss you.

139 It is difficult to stop talking to you, when we used to speak every day.

140 I can’t seem to get you out of my head, but maybe you are supposed to be there.

141 IYou would like that IYou could see your face right away, even if only for a second.

142. True love is not missing you so bad when we are apart but feeling warm inside because I am still close to you.

143 Only one thing changed after you left: everything. I miss you.

144 It is a part and parcel of loving you. If we were always together, then IYou would not know how strong my love is for you.

145 IThis is what you need to know IBecause of how much you have given me, I fell in love with your. I miss you.

146 A thousand miles between us won’t stop me from missing you every day.

147 IWe miss you every single day, but II like to believe that we meet in our dreams at night.

cute miss you quotes

148 148. II miss you so very much. It is comforting to know that we are still under the same skies.

149 IIt might not always be obvious or easy to see, but IWhen you aren’t here, people miss you like mad

150 II am terrible at all things, even forgetting you.

151 IYou may pretend to not notice you when you’re gone or ignore you, but the truth is that I miss you.

152 IWe really miss you. What can we do? IWithout you, life would be so boring

153 ILearn more II miss you, but I must miss you more. Let’s face it, II am way too cool. Without me, your life would be terrible.

154 Violets are blue and roses are red IIt is impossible to wait IFinally, you will be able to see me.

155 Life stinks, violets and roses are both red. IWe really do miss you.

156 When I miss you, IRead some of our older conversations. IEnd up with a huge, silly smile on the face

157 If you think missing me is difficult, you might try missing me. It’s really hard, believe me, IShould Know.

158 IYou are as dear to me as a squirrel is to his nuts.

159 IYou will be missed the same way that an inept person will miss the point.

160 IAs much as an alcoholic recovering from addiction misses his booze, I miss you just as much.


These quotes should help you communicate your feelings. Let someone know if you are missing them.

You shouldn’t be afraid of expressing your emotions. However, you don’t have to expect another person to feel the same way. Everyone expresses their feelings differently.

Most people like to hear that they are not missed. Do not be afraid to let someone special know. If you are trying to reconcile with someone else, it is a good idea not to forget to tell them how much your love for them.

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