25 Positive Quotes To Brighten Your Day

In today’s chaotic world, it can be difficult to stay positive. Everyone feels stressed, anxious, lonely or just plain sad at times. It is important to cheer up your friends and help them feel better.

QuotesThey have a way to pick us up when we are down, so why not share yours with others who are struggling to keep their heads up? Some words can bring positivity back into your life and instantly brighten your mood.

There are many negative experiences in life. Humans are wired to see the good in order to avoid dangers. It takes work to be positive, but it’s well worth it.

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Although it is nice to text a friend to tell them to stay positive, it doesn’t do much to help. Let’s face it — most of the time we won’t be able to string words of hope and positivity together like authors and poets, so leave the hard work to those who can and send a quote their way.

As they overcome setbacks, support them with inspirational quotes about how to keep your loved ones happy and positive.

These are the details 25These are some of the most positive quotes you can share with friends when they need a boost.

1. For greater power, embrace positivity.

“A positive attitude gives power to your circumstances and not your circumstances having power over them.” — Joyce Meyer

2. Your attitude is important.

“You can’t control everything, but you can manage your attitude and how it affects you.” — Unknown

3. Have positive thoughts.

“A negative person sees difficulty in every opportunity.” A positive thinker sees the opportunity in every difficulty. — Zig Ziglar

4. You can be a leader.

“Being positive even in a negative situation does not mean you are naive. It’s called leadership. —​ Ralph Marston

5. YourLife is what you make of it.

“A negative mindset will not give you a happy life.” —​ Ziad K. Abdelnour

6. Positive thinking is key to success.

“ToWe must believe we can succeed.” — Michael Korda

7. This should be your mantra.

“I let go of my negative thoughts to make room for positive thinking and optimism.” — Unknown

8. Encourage your friend to adopt a positive outlook.

“You don’t need a fresh start to get started over. You only need a different mindset.” — Unknown

9. It all depends on your beliefs.

“Decide what it is you want. Believe that you can get it. Believe you can have it. —​ Jack Canfield

10. Tomorrow brings you another chance.

“Life offers you two chances to make a difference.” It’s called tomorrow. —​ Unknown

11. Do not be afraid to fall

“Before Alice got into Wonderland she had to fall.” —​ Unknown

12. Be like a child.

“Be like a small, joyful child, living in the always-present now without worrying about the future.” —​ Eileen Caddy

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13. Everything depends on our reactions.

“Life is 10% what happens and 90% how you respond to it.” —​ Charles R. Swindoll

14. Be optimistic.

“Pessimism leads t weakness, optimism leads t power.” — William James

15. Seek out the best in everyone and everything.

“The best way for any living creature to be in good stead is to seek out the best and help it express its best.” —​ Allen J. Boone

16. Your view of the world is what determines your life.

“People get upset not by events, but by what they see.” —​ Epictetus

17. Discover the beauty of the world.

“And I think to my self, what a beautiful world.” —​ Louis Armstrong

18. Positive attitude is a key to success.

“Ability is the ability to do what you can. What you do is determined by your motivation. Your attitude determines how effective you do it.” — Lou Holtz

19. Positive thinking can help you achieve the impossible.

Positive thinking is able to see the invisible, feel the intangible and accomplish the impossible. — Winston Churchill

20 It’s all about how you think.

“Attitude is something that can make a big impact.” — Unknown

21. 21.

“When there is no sunshine, be the sun.” — Unknown

22. Do not allow negativity to control your life.

“What controls your mind, controls you life.” — Unknown

23. Attitude decides altitude.

“YourYour attitude will determine your altitude, not your aptitude. — Zig Ziglar

24. Keep your eyes on the good.

“Forget all the reasons it won’t work. Believe the only reason it will.” —​ Ziad KAlways anticipate the best. Abdelnour

25. Expect good things to happen.

“Always have faith that something great is about to occur.” —​ Sukhraj Dhillon​

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If you’re looking for a little inspiration, we’ve got the best quotes to share and savor. You won’t find better quotes than those from famous poets and activists. Perhaps you will find the quote that motivates you to live your best life and love. You will never be bored.

Mehruba Chowdhury, a writer covering astrology as well as pop culture and relationships topics, is Mehruba.

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