Power Tool Buying Guide: 5 Essential Power Tools


1. Reciprocating Saw

(*5*)The reciprocating saw is an essential power tool for any remodeling work or demolition. It can cut through nearly any material. Plumbers, electricians, and general contractors all reach for the reciprocating to access pipes, nails-infused studs, or cast iron. The saw blades can reach up to 12 inches so the reciprocating saw can fit into tight spaces like no other tool.

2. Oscillating Multi-Tool

(*5*)Multi-tools have interchangeable heads so that they can be used for many kinds of applications. An oscillating multi-tool can be used for trimming, sanding, pipe cutting, paint removal—you name it. There are many attachments available for oscillating tools, including wood, metal, sanding pads, adapters, and sanding pad. This is an excellent tool for condensing your toolbox, as it reduces the need for additional equipment.

3. Angle Grinder

(*5*)The angle grinder is a spinning disc that moves at extremely high RPMs. Angle grinders can be used for many purposes, it all depends on what disc you choose. Buffering discs can polish metals. A grinding wheel is used to cut or sharpen metal edges. For cutting tiles, ceramics, and other masonry substrates, dry-cut diamond wheels can be used. Angle grinders can also be used to grind mortar, and are safe for bricks.

4. Impact Driver

(*5*)Odds are you probably use your cordless drill more than any other tool. The impact driver is a great option if you need to drive a lot of screws. These tools are designed to drive screws efficiently and quickly through even the most challenging materials. Impact drivers use a hammer-like gear that adds torque through the driver’s rotation; this is similar to a hammer drill but with the extra force being rotational rather than linear. They are lighter, smaller and require less effort than regular drills.

5. Nailer

(*5*)There are many options when it comes to power nailers. When choosing between these power tools, the firing method is perhaps the most important. The contact nailer, also known as bump, is able to drive the nail in by simply bumping its tip against your substrate. This firing method is preferred by Reciprocating Sawr contractors who need to drive many nails at once. To drive a nail, the user must pull a trigger. This is a great method to use when precise firing angles are required. Power You can choose to have your nailer pneumatic, corded or uncorded.

6. Powering Up

(*5*)Of course, one of the most important factors in a power tool is the power. Essential Without power, power tools are nothing more than fancy paperweights. Be sure to verify the type of power that it uses before you shop for power tools. Each type of power supply comes with its own pros and cons. Knowing these will help you choose the right power supply for your needs.

Air Compressor

(*5*)Pneumatic tools are a class of power tools that get their power from a blast of compressed air. These tools need an air compressor to work, as they cannot rely on electricity. Pneumatic tools are powerful and can provide greater torque than traditional electric tools.

Battery Chargers

(*5*)A cordless power tool can go anywhere you do. They only work if there is enough power in the battery. The more complicated the job, the greater the power consumption. You should fully charge your batteries before you use them.

Extension Cords

(*5*)When a battery-operated tool isn’t doing the trick, contractors will opt for a corded tool instead. A corded power tool will ensure that you always have power, even when the job gets difficult. Extension cords are useful because a corded power tool ties workers to the outlet. They also allow you to reach far if you need to.

More Power Please

(*5*)There is no replacing the speed and efficiency of a power tool on today’s worksites. Manual functions like driving screws, nailing, cutting, or sanding are rare and only occasionally performed. You can get the job done right by making sure you have the essential power tools in your truck.


(*5*)Power Tool Buying Guide: 5 Essential Power Tools

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