Social Proof: What It Is and Why It’s Great for Marketing

Humans are pack animals, it is clear.

It doesn’t matter which corner of the globe you look at, people are looking for the same thing — social acceptance. We want to be like the rest of society, which can have an impact on our buying behavior and our daily lives.

Do you remember buying a product from a friend? If you have, you’ve been influenced by social proof, and you’ve shown why it can be an excellent marketing tactic forBusinesses ItThe positive social proof review you received that convinced you to make a purchase, not some marketing copy from the brand.

ItIt was someone who actually recommended the product to you. and that is why it’s so persuasive — it’s Genuine.

Clever brands andEntrepreneurs have realized the immense potential of social proof forGrowth, so they employ various tactics to influence purchasing behaviour with positive social evidence andUltimately, this will result in more sales.

We’ve created this article to explain social proof as a concept, andWe will provide actionable advice to help you get started with social proof forMarketing andYour business can grow. At the end of this article, you’ll be equipped with the knowledge you need to nail social proof marketing.

Let’s get started.

WhatIs SocialDo you need proof?

social media influencers

Before we get into the nitty-gritty of using social proof to grow your business, it’s essential that we first explain social proof as a concept.

SocialProof, also known informational social influence or proof, is when people (in this case potential customers) assume that others’ actions are correct based on how often they see them.

Let’s cover a real-life situation to demonstrate how social proof works:

You’re walking down a street in a new city andYou stumble upon a restaurant crowded with people enjoying a meal. You’ll likely think that the restaurant serves high-quality food — why else would so many people be eating there?

This scenario demonstrates social proof in action. This scenario shows social proof in action. You could see other people engaging with a popular product, so you also saw the product as appealing.

Principles Of SocialYou can see the proof

Social proof, as we have already mentioned, is the act of looking for others who can help you navigate unfamiliar situations. Look around if you’re in a new place. forIf you’re looking for somewhere to eat, it is more likely that you will find a bustling restaurant filled with happy customers than a quiet spot with no indications that they offer good food. It is important to remember that social proof can have an impact on how we behave.

  • Uncertainty: This principle shows how we refer how others react to a situation that we are uncertain about.
  • SimilarityYou are more likely to mimic the reactions of others if you’re experiencing something new with a large group.
  • Expertise: Students are more inclined to look up to their teachers forSignals of how to respond in uncertain circumstances. This is the expertise principle of social proof, where people with more knowledge can guide the rest to the right reaction.
  • NumberThe number principle is best summarized by the herd mentality. If a group of people experiences something uncertain together, then the actions of the majority of them will be correct andValid.

SocialYou can trust the statistics

  1. 61% of customers review online reviews before buying a product/service.
  2. Consumerist discovered that almost 70% of online shoppers read product reviews before purchasing a product.
  3. 91% trust social proof reviews online as much as recommendations from a friend or family member.
  4. 100% of those aged between 18-29 said they “checked reviews prior to making a purchase” in a 2018 eMarketer survey
  5. 82% of Americans value the endorsements of friends. andBefore buying a product, tell your family
  6. 70% of Americans look for opinions on independent review sites before buying.
  7. 63% of respondents indicated that they are more likely than others to buy from websites with product ratings andReview

How to Use SocialYou can see the proof forYour Business

Influencer Marketing Brand Ambassadors

As you can see, social proof can be used positively to influence potential customers’ buying behavior. Now, it’s time to explain how you can use social proof to grow your own business andIncrease sales

Whilst we’re covering some tactics you can use to add social proof to your business, you’ll notice one common theme — Customer feedback is important forSocial proof.

Use Happy Customer’s Reviews

According to 77% of online customers read reviews before making a purchase. This is a clear indication of the need for reviews. forCustomer feedback visible forTwo counts for your products: Business legitimacy and service quality.

Customer reviews, regardless of their sentiment, will indicate to potential customers that you’ve not only made sales in the past but that you’re also a legitimate business. Sometimes, especially if it’s a new business, you may need this social proof to help you secure sales.

Potential customers will be able to understand the sentiments in your reviews and how they feel about your products. andThere are many other useful information.

An entrepreneur looking to build social proof forCustomer reviews can be a great way to help your business grow. forYour brand. You have many options to use customer reviews. andSocial proof is built forYour ecommerce store.

If you’re running your ecommerce store on Shopify, we highly recommend that you install the Yotpo Reviews app. It’s a free product review tool which you can integrate directly into your existing ecommerce store, andIt will allow your customers to leave reviews about your products. Coke UGC Social Proof Campaign

A customer makes a purchase in your store andThey will tell others about their positive shopping experience if they enjoy it. Your product reviews will start to grow if you offer high-quality products at a reasonable price. and you’ll increase the social proof of your business organically.

To increase the number of product reviews for your store, you can send emails to your customers once they’ve received their order andAsk them to write a review. If they’re totally satisfied with their product it’s likely that they’ll leave a review. Your customers can leave reviews by using a discount code.

If you want to elevate your customer reviews, ask your customers for a picture of the product or to show how they use it. These reviews will resonate well with your audience and demonstrate legitimacy. forYour products andYou will find great user-generated content you can use forOther social proof marketing material

How to Create a Blog for Profit SocialYou can see the proof

Social Proof: What It Is and Why It’s Great for Marketing

Another great tactic forSocial proof forYour goal is to be recognized as an expert in your industry. Content marketing andParticularly, blogging is a powerful tool for businesses to provide their potential customers with useful and actionable content that links in with their products. This is the ultimate goal of a blog. forYour ecommerce business should attract high volumes of qualified visitors to your site. This will increase sales.

It’s important to note that thought leadership from blogging will also help you to increase the social proof of your brand. For example, if you’re running a cooking utensils store, you can create blog content forYour audience will include recipes, cooking tips and product reviews. This will build authority for your brand.

Blog content will indicate to your customers that you’re a brand which actually cares about the development of its customers, instead of one which only cares about selling products. This positive brand image will increase your sales and help you secure repeat customers. and ultimately increase your brand’s social proof.

Blogs are a great way to get started. andSocial proof marketing is a great way to grow your ecommerce store. Follow this Shopify guide to add a blog to your online shop.

Optimizing Your Blog For SocialYou can see the proof

Create a blog for your ecommerce business, it’s important to note that there are various ways you can optimize it to ensure that you gain the maximum social proof.

You can optimize your blog in many ways. forSocial proof can be achieved by sharing social shares buttons andCounters for your blog. This will help you not only to encourage your blog audience to share your content, but it’ll also indicate that numerous other people have enjoyed the content, andIt was shared.

Installing an app like this one is a great way to add social media buttons and links to your ecommerce site. SocialShare Buttons available in the app shop. As you’ll be trying to establish your brand as a thought leader in your niche, adding this small feature can go a long way.

It’s also a great idea to add a mailing list button onto your blog. This will enable you to increase your blog’s audience and also allow you to obtain the email addresses of the most engaged users. It is possible to create weekly newsletters that will help you retain your users. andYou can also provide additional content relevant to your niche.

Leverage Influencer Prestige

Social Proof: What It Is and Why It’s Great for MarketingInfluencers have the ability to positively influence their audience’s opinions by being naturally influential. For entrepreneurs, influencers can be used to grow your brand’s reach, increase your business’ social proof, andThis will ultimately lead to more sales.

To harness the power and influence of social media, you can use social proof marketing strategies such as influencer-marketing. forYour brand. To succeed with influencer marketing, you’ll first need to use platforms like Traackr to locate and contact influencers who are relevant to your brand’s niche.

Once you’ve found relevant influencers for your campaigns, you’ll need to pitch your deal to them. There are two main types of deals which influencers work with — paid promotions, andAffiliate promotions If you decide to offer a paid promotion deal, you’ll simply pay forYou can promote your brand by publishing a post (or multiple posts), on the Influencers Platform. andProducts. If you offer an affiliate promotion deal, you’ll pay the influencer a set percentage of all the revenue which they bring to your store.

We recommend creating a Shopify discount code to measure the success of your influencer marketing campaign. forEach influencer. This code can be given to influencers to allow them to share it with their followers. This will help them convert more of their followers into paying customers. At the end of the campaign, you’ll be able to see the number of purchases which were linked to that discount code andYou pay the influencers based upon the number of sales that they have generated for you.

Get Mentions Online

Customers who love your products will talk about them online. They love to share their feelings. forYour business andSometimes, they will mention you handle in posts about your on social media. This is love forYour brand speaks volumes andAdds to the positive social proof forCustomers who are looking to purchase from you. To make your interaction more personal, you can use the same language that customers use in their mentions. andAlways thank them forTheir kind words.

SocialSometimes media mentions are negative. Sometimes, loyal fans will make public comments about something negative about your product. ItIt is crucial to interact with them as they can provide valuable insight into your product’s development. As potential customers will be satisfied with the after-sales support, engaging with them is a great way to build social proof.

Get onboard brand ambassadors

Social Proof: What It Is and Why It’s Great for MarketingBrand ambassadors can help you humanize your products andBrand forPotential customers Ambassadors can promote social proof via social media and their own websites. andWithin their circle of friends. Brand ambassadors have helped many brands increase their awareness among their target audience. Brand ambassadors have helped to rebuild products that had failed months ago, making them twice the popular.

Red Bull andAmbassadors for Maybelline have been on the road creating unforgettable experiences with their brands. andIncorporate the brand into their social media posts andOther content This interaction has made the brands global leaders in their respective niches. You can do the same. You can also create a brand ambassador program andTo spread positive social proof worldwide, recruit loyal people to your brand.

Make User-Generated Content

User-generated content (UGC), is content that was created independently of a company, but includes a product from that organization. This type of content can be a valuable resource forFor curious buyers, they can access impartial information about a product prior to purchasing.

Social Proof: What It Is and Why It’s Great for Marketing

Coke’s UGC campaign took off across the world with customers leading the charge. Coke amassed hundreds and thousands of social mentions with their help andMillions of images of Coke in the hands happy customers. This social proof is a must-see for anyone considering buying Coke products.

Place testimonials on your website

Testimonials are an excellent way to show how satisfied your customers are with your product. You can promote your customer by posting social proof reviews to your website or on social review sites. Display the new customer’s profile on your website or in a central location for your visitors to see what a great job they are doing.

Zendesk reported that 88% shopper are influenced when they see an online testimonial in 2013. andThis has only gotten more popular. Shopify reported that in 2018, 90% of customers who have read online testimonials stated that positive reviews from social proof influence their purchasing decisions. SocialEach day, proof is becoming more important. This is because more and more people have proof. andMore companies sell similar products. Customers are faced with a slew of choices due to the influx in competitors andBefore anyone invests in a product, they must be sure of its quality.

Examples SocialYou can see the proof

Now that we’ve covered some of the social proof marketing tactics that you can use, let’s go over some real-life examples of ecommerce businesses which have incorporated them into their stores.

SocialAmazon – Proof Reviews

Social Proof: What It Is and Why It’s Great for Marketing

Amazon, one the most well-known ecommerce companies in the world made the decision to use social proof as a way to increase sales. andThey do it well. Amazon has integrated product reviews into each listing on its website. This allows customers to give honest in-product feedback about suppliers. and These are the products that are being sold. These reviews, which are real people writing them, can be persuasive, as we have mentioned. forCustomers who aren’t sure if they want to buy.

SocialProof Instagram – Daniel Wellington

Social Proof: What It Is and Why It’s Great for Marketing

If you’re looking forDaniel Wellington, a successful brand who has run Instagram influencer campaigns that have helped grow their social proof is an example. They reach out to many influencers in a wide variety of niches and offer them a free product. andAsk them to send you a photograph in return. andYour unique discount code. As they reach out to a wide variety of influencers, they’re opening their brand up to a whole new bank of potential customers, which in turn increases their social proof.

SocialCoffee Joulies – Proof Advertising

Social Proof: What It Is and Why It’s Great for Marketing

Coffee Joulies inform their customers about notable publications that have featured their products. This is a smart tactic forDemonstrating their brand’s legitimacy. Because these publications are well-known, it will help to build social proof of the brand which can lead to increased sales.

Start Utilizing SocialYou can see the proof forYour Brand

That’s it — now you know everything you need to start skyrocketing your store’s sales with social proof marketing.

Test out different tactics when you’re trying to grow your social proof, and we’re sure that you’ll be seeing results in no time.

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If you have any further questions regarding social proof, or ecommerce in general, let us know in the comments section — we’re happy to help you in your entrepreneurial journey.

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