Where to buy cryptocurrency?

Today, there are many ways to buy crypto anonymously. For example, crypto exchanges, exchangers, virtual wallets, P2P services, etc., are actively used for this. Each method has its advantages and disadvantages, as well as specific risks. If you do not want to lose money, you should follow simple rules: double-check the data, do not cooperate with little-known sites, and study reviews. To begin with, making test purchases for small amounts is recommended.

Buying cryptocurrency through crypto exchanges

Purchasing crypto through a cryptocurrency exchange is one of the most convenient and simplest options. To do this, you can use the crypto platform WhiteBIT, which is today recognized as one of the largest platforms in Europe. On this service, you can trade at a time convenient for you and, at the same time, buy both a whole coin and part of it. On the crypto exchange, you can carry out various transactions with digital currencies – trade or exchange. This method lets you quickly replenish your crypto wallet with the desired crypto assets. Additionally, the services offer secure crypto storage and the ability to withdraw to personal wallets.

Remember that you must undergo an identity verification procedure if you want to work for well-known and extensive resources. To do this, you will need to provide your data. A passport, ID card, photo, etc., is used for this purpose. With this, you cannot move on to active trading. But there is also a plus: all transactions become maximally protected from fraud. In this case, all Bitcoin anonymity is lost. Exchanges also ensure the safety of user funds by providing insurance funds and unique instruments. The latter protects against hacker attacks and money laundering. Advantages of trading platforms:

  • Ease of use.
  • Wide selection of trading pairs and rich functionality.
  • Low risk of contacting scammers since the security service checks dubious profiles.
  • But there are also characteristic disadvantages that are important to consider:
  • Possible high commissions when withdrawing funds.
  • There is a chance of getting caught on the mirror of a platform behind which there are scammers.

It is important to check the service before you top up your account.

How to buy cryptocurrency through an exchange: algorithm

The whole process can be described in 4 steps:

  • Registration on a crypto exchange that supports entering dollars and the crypto you want to purchase bitcoins anonymously.
  • Top up your dollar account from a card or through a payment system. As a rule, you must confirm your passport or card information before doing this.
  • Go to the purchase section and exchange dollars for the desired crypto-assets.
  • Withdrawing purchased coins from your wallet through the appropriate section.

Crypto platforms are preferable because they provide access to a wide range of functionality. Digital currencies can be used for active trading and building passive income on deposit accounts. This is especially true if you plan to spend your savings later. This way, they will work for you and not just sit there.

Bitcoin mixers

There are two main types of crypto mixer – centralized and decentralized (based on CoinJoin technology).

Centralized Bitcoin mixers are traditional services where mixing coins occurs by sending a transaction and receiving the amount back through several transfers from other users selected at random. If many people use a service, then linking incoming and outgoing transactions of the same user becomes easier. Decentralized bitcoin mixer is an anonymizer that uses CoinJoin technology to solve both problems of centralized services.

Selling and buying cryptocurrency through exchangers

This method can be described as the simplest and most understandable to buy BTC anonymously for beginners. But compared to P2P, it is considered more expensive. The exchange office independently sets the rate. Operations are carried out through card transfers, using bank details, paying in cash, etc. For example, you transfer coins, and in return, you receive fiat to the specified details. Consider possible payment methods, limits, exchanger reserves, and reviews when choosing a resource.

Some services require mandatory verification, but it may also be enough to attach a photo of your bank card. You can always read the FAQ, where there are answers to pressing questions: conditions, limits, identity verification requirements, time of receipt of funds, etc. Studying the rules in advance is important so you keep your funds. Tips for beginners in the crypto market:

  • Carry out transactions only after you have passed identification.
  • Make sure the bank you need is on the list.
  • Perform the first transaction for a small amount to ensure the platform’s integrity.
  • Double-check the transfer details several times.

If you need clarification on something about the intermediary, it is recommended to refuse the transaction to avoid falling for scammers.

How do you buy cryptocurrency in an exchanger?

Below is an algorithm that will help you understand how the whole process works:

  • Select an option to pay for the application, for example, VISA/Mastercard.
  • Decide on the desired crypto. Check ahead of time to see if the exchanger supports it. Such sites offer only 10-30 of the most famous coins.
  • Enter the amount and details.
  • Complete the payment using the details, then click the site’s button confirming your action.
  • The operation takes some time, so do not worry about delays.

To find the best exchange office, you can use the monitoring list. These are unique resources that act as aggregators. They present exchangers that meet certain quality and reputation requirements.


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