Transformation between Ounces and Grams: When It Is Necessary

Transformation between Ounces and Grams: When It Is Necessary

Whether you’re preparing your favorite dish, measuring for a scientific study, or baking, the necessity to transform oz to grams may occur. It may be a troublesome process if you aren’t familiar with units and systems of measurement. In reality, transforming different units of measurement is pretty easy if you know a few tricks. Let’s sort out how to get grams from ounces effortlessly.

Brief Review on Ounces and Grams

Whatever the reason why you may be required to transform ounces and grams, it will be a good idea to learn about these units of measurement first. Ounces are a unit of measurement usually employed in the imperial system of measurement (applied mostly in the United States). Ounces assist in determining weight, volume, and liquid.

At the same time, grams are likewise a unit of measurement. However, they are employed in the metric system of measurement (applied in the majority of countries). Grams help individuals to measure mass or weight.

Be Aware of Conversion Factor

If you face transforming ounce to gram for the first time, don’t hasten to worry. This process is easier than it may seem. You may begin by converting 1 oz to grams. Note that 1 ounce is equal to 28.35 grams. This implies the formula of getting grams from ounces will look as follows: [number of ounces] x 28.35 = [number of grams].

Let’s have a quick look at an example. Your task is to obtain grams from 100 ounces. You should simply multiply 100 by 28.35. The answer is 2835 grams.

Convert Without a Calculator

Not everybody is regarded as a math expert and can multiply the number of ounces by 28.35 in their head. For this, you may require the employment of a calculator. Fortunately, there is another tip on how to transform oz to g without the necessity to look for your calculator and get distracted from cooking or important scientific study.

The solution is to just multiply ounces by 30. When we convert 1oz to grams, we receive 28.35. Since this number is close to the number 30, you may employ multiplication by 30 to save time and effort.

Taking the above-mentioned example into account, let’s multiply 100 ounces by 30. The response is 3000 grams. This number is close to the previously obtained answer: 2835 grams. Multiplying the number of ounces by 30 is faster and easier than keeping the formula in mind and multiplying by 28.35. But if you need precise answers, it is advisable to make use of the equation and multiply ounces by 28.35 to receive grams.

Employ a Convenient Unit Converter

In case memorizing a formula and relying on a multiplication process isn’t handy for you, there is another variant of how you may transform ounces to grams properly. The solution is to go to and discover a useful online converter of units of measurement. FoxConverter will be a great instrument if you intend to transform measurements fast and accurately.


The process of transforming between units of measurement, for instance, ounces and grams is quite simple. As a rule, it may be sufficient to apply a bit of math. Knowing how to obtain grams from ounces is a significant skill whether you are required to measure ingredients for a recipe or carry out serious scientific research. Employ a special formula or a unit calculator to make the conversion process quicker and more effective.

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