5 websites to download more applications from the Play Store

applications from the Play Store

If you want to download applications from the Play Store but without using the app per se,  then you need to read today’s post. Here, we are going to inform you of 5 websites to download more applications from the Play Store. 

Some of the most popular websites are in this post, one of my favorites is neomoobi, a mobile application site with hundreds of thousands of apps to play, read, dance and everything you can imagine.

That way, you’re going to be able to get more and more apps for your phone. 

Websites to download applications from the Play Store 

APK Mirror 

First of all, we have APK Mirror. One of the best aspects about this website is that not every APK gets published. All of the APKS need to be tested first, and if they’re approved, then they’re uploaded to APK Mirror. 

Here, you won’t find modified apps, illegally download applications or even apps that were cracked. Furthermore, APK can host a massive list of apps. The website adds new files constantly, and it has as many apps as you can think of. 

If you have an Android device, you’ll be able to find plenty of Play Store applications in APK format, and you can download every app immediately. You can even download older versions of apps if you want it. 

All you have to do is search for the APK version you want to install, and then proceed to download it and install it. 

APK Pure

When it comes to finding a wide range of APK files, APK Pure is one of the best 5 websites to download more applications from the Play Store. Before publishing any app, APK Pure needs to ensure their certificates are legitimate.

Moreover, the website verifies that the new app versions have their own cryptographic signatures that match previously released versions perfectly. 

Under this security method, APK Pure will never publish an app on the website if they have the slightest concern about the application’s security. Also, APK Pure doesn’t offer modified APKS. 

Instead, the website provides screenshots, descriptions and general metadata from Google itself to improve the site’s usability. 


One of the best reasons to use APK-DL is that you can find apps that are forbidden in different countries when it comes to Google Play Store. Another highlight of this website is that the search bar allows users to paste Google Play URLS for applications.

This platform provides you access to many of the most recently launched apps. Since its APKS are distributed from Google Play Store, you won’t have to worry about suspicious malware. 

Beyond this, it’s one of the easiest websites to download APKS from, and all due to a simple design. 

APK Monk 

APK Monk is very popular among people who are looking to download apps from the Play Store. You can explore games based on different categories like Racing, Trivia, Board, Adventure and many more.

Apart from this, APK Monk is one of the safest platforms to use, as it collects the metadata from the apps as well as the photos right from the Play Store and links the programs to the original listings. 

Just like the rest of the websites on our list, APK is going to let you download past versions of each app. You can even get some paid apps for free. The catalog is well organized and you’re going to find plenty of mobile games. 


Lastly, we have F-Droid. This website can be found among the most secure platforms to download applications from the Play Store. F-Droid verifies the legitimacy of every app by using cryptographic signatures with the goal of ensuring that they’re not malicious. 

In addition, F-Droid allows users to install and manage updates for each app they have installed, and this helps ensure you have access to the newest version of an application. 

Finally, with these 5 websites to download more applications from the Play Store you’re going to be able to download apps you couldn’t obtain before, and for free.

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