7 Best Troops to Use in Clash of Clans in 2023

When it comes to mobile games, Clash of Clans has cemented itself to be one of the best and most long-lasting ones. Even today, Clash of Clans has seen a lot of continuous updates and the content for it has been consistently rich. As such, we can still expect a healthy player base for this game and with it, a lot of beginners will be looking to join in on the fun.

And as a beginner, there will be a lot of things you’ll need to get accustomed to, especially when it comes to training your troops. With so many unit options to choose from, it won’t be surprising if you were to get overwhelmed by them; not to worry though, we’re here to help.

Today, we’ll be listing down 7 of the best troops you should prioritise which can help you win most enemy raids. Also, if you want to further bolster your Clash of Clans performance, you can top up your Clash of Clans account using the Razer Gold pins from OffGamers here!

Now that is done, let us begin!

1. Witch

When utilized with precision, Witches wield tremendous power. Their strategy involves summoning a sizeable horde of miniature skeletons at regular intervals, bolstering their might on the battlefield. Together, the Witch and her skeletal minions swiftly inflict substantial damage to structures within a brief timeframe. They excel particularly in dismantling single-target defensive buildings, leaving them in tatters.

If you intend to deploy the Witch unit, exercise caution around area-of-effect (AOE) structures such as Mortars, as they pose her primary vulnerability. Instead, consider positioning her behind robust tanks like Giants and Pekka knights. This tactical arrangement ensures her survival, granting her the necessary time and space to continuously summon additional skeletons.

2. Hog Rider

Many would consider Hog Riders as beginner killers. This is because, without excellent base defence, Hog Riders can annihilate a lot of defensive buildings in a flash. Added to the fact that the riders ignore wall defences, they can be really hard to deal with for newbies.

Hog Riders are also extremely quick and dexterous so even powerful defensive structures like Mortars and Eagle Artillery will not do so well against them. The only thing you need to worry about is Inferno Towers which are set to multiple targets. They’ll turn your Hog Riders into roast pork so be wary of them!

3. Miner

Miners are extremely fun to use. They are a sneaky bunch that can also ignore walls and destroy key buildings very quickly. Used often at a higher level, Miners can be a little expensive but are worth the investment.

The timing and placement of Miners are also very important if you want to bring the best out of them. Commonly, Miners will be placed at a later time when the defensive buildings like Wizard Towers and Archer Towers are demolished. This is the time when Miners can dig underground and take out the deeper-seated buildings efficiently.

4. Barbarian

You might find it odd that Barbarians have somehow made it on the list because they are the first and most basic troops you get in Clash of Clans. Sure, they might not be as ‘special’ as others on the list but many great players have found great use for Barbarians.

A common way of using Barbarian at a higher level is for baiting purposes. Veterans of the game will use Barbarians to draw out Clan Troops while they act as distractions for other stronger troops. This is a high-level manipulation strategy that you will need to use once you reach a higher medal level.

5. Wall Breaker

This unit is a must at any level. Wall Breakers are core troops that will pave the way for your troops, given that the troops you are using cannot bypass defensive walls.

Essentially, Wall Breakers break walls and without them, your ground units will be wasting time hitting the walls as they take damage from the enemy’s defensive buildings. In most cases, many would even recommend levelling up your wall breakers into higher levels because they are just that important.

Without Wall Breakers, you’ll be wasting a lot of time, hindered by high-levelled walls. This is usually a recipe for disaster so having a decent amount of Wall Breakers is never the wrong option.

6. Pekka

At a high level, Pekka knights are extremely powerful and can demolish buildings with a couple of swipes. They are a tad bit expensive to train but if you can use them well alongside Spells, they are a true offensive menace.

Boasting both tankiness and power, Pekkas are like substitutes for the Barbarian King. Pair them up with a Healing or Rage spell and you’ll see them reach their peak. Alternatively, Pekka knights can also serve as a late-stage clean-up. When most defensive buildings are gone, Pekka can sweep up the rest.

7. Healer

Healers are pretty squishy and any defensive buildings that can target air units will take them down pretty quickly. Still, when combined with a tank or a strong unit like your Queen, they are extremely invaluable.

We’ve seen a lot of people running a Queen+Healers combo where Healers are placed behind a Queen. Here, the Queen will deal all the damage while taking most of the damage as it is offset by the Healers’ healing. It’s a very easy strategy to use and super effective at lower ranks.

Another friendly tip to remember is when you throw a Rage spell at your Healers, they’ll shoot their healing arrows way quicker!

Final Note

And that’s it! We’ve finally covered the seven best troops available in Clash of Clans. Of course, these recommendations are not set in stone because all troops are useful, in one way or another. The main thing is to keep in mind your plan of attack and from there, you can determine which troops can best complement your strategy.

In the meantime, good luck and have fun breaking down your enemy’s base!

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