Application of Machine Learning and Data Analytics to Predict Gambling Habits of Online Casino Players

Your safety when gambling online is paramount. If you are thinking only about security from external breaches, it is not exactly what we mean. It also involves protecting your financial and mental health while you play. How can you do this? How do you package your experiences in bubble wrap and prevent negative instances?

Responsible gambling is a significant way to keep yourself safe. Granted, we must practice it, but so must the gambling platforms we frequent. Gameplay at would be even more exciting than it is now if a platform used data analytics and predictive modelling to keep us safe.

Understanding Player Behavior

You may wonder what information must be used to achieve this significant feat. If you think the only data you provide to gambling companies are your personal and financial information, then you’re dead wrong. Here are other areas that can provide necessary insights into the gambling habits of a particular user:

  • Bet amounts;
  • Deposits and withdrawals;
  • Gaming session periods;
  • Betting pace;
  • Betting patterns;
  • Preferred games.

With analytics, it is possible to find trends from the details generated. It makes it easier for casinos to notice when a player exhibits harmful habits. With a simple machine learning algorithm, they can limit access and ensure users are safe. You may get pissed momentarily if your access is restricted, but if you take some time to introspect, you’ll be thankful for it.

Customer Relationship Management (CRM)

If you have ever played online, then you must understand the relationship between the casino and players. Surely, you’ve experienced it in the speedy responses from support and the availability of perks that enhance your experience. But did you know that it goes beyond all that? Let’s call those glittery features the front end of online casino gambling. Right now, we are more interested in the backend, where data handling comes in.

It’s an advanced form of CRM where casino operators use recorded player information to make decisions. With the crackdown from gambling authorities, the onus for protection falls to iGaming operators. The standard responsible gaming initiatives are no longer enough. So, platforms are using new features to predict player behaviour, including:

  • Data modelling;
  • Predictive analysis;
  • Artificial intelligence;
  • Machine learning.

Ethical Considerations

There is a need for casinos to take both proactive and reactive measures to support their players. Proactive measures include forced cool-off periods and fairer wagering terms to prevent destructive gaming habits. The operators must have studied the player’s habits using data generated from their gambling sessions to make these decisions. Reactive measures include features that players can implement when they sense a problem. Self-exclusion and limits are perfect examples.

Before you cry wolf and scream about data farming, we must acknowledge the importance of this feat. However, online casino operators must be careful in their dealings with customer information. They must uphold the GDPR of every jurisdiction; otherwise, they risk hefty fines. They’ll be required to ensure data privacy and its responsible handling. Players must be protected from any leaks or breaches using encryption technologies and other advanced security measures.

Betting on Data

Our digital footprint is akin to our identity online. It is so exciting to know how this feature can keep us safe and prevent gambling issues. While the casino does its part to keep you safe, you must also do your path. Uphold the practices for responsible gaming and ensure you protect yourself while you play. Have a great time!

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