Car Auctions in Calgary: What You Need to Know Before Buying a Car

Salvage cars are now becoming the first choice of buyers because of their low price. However, these cars are officially considered a “total loss” because they have obtained damage in accidents or natural calamities, such as hail and flooding.

Therefore, after buying salvage vehicles for sale from A Better Bid car auction in Calgary, you need to get it fixed or repair it yourself. Once your car is in good drivable condition, it must pass a vehicle inspection. If the vehicle passes the review, then the Alberta registry agent will change your car’s title branding to “rebuilt.” Then, you can legally take your salvaged car on multiple adventures.

Before reaching this stage, you must review some essential elements to ensure you get a good deal when placing car bids on your favorite vehicle.

Explore the Vehicle Inventory

Upon entering an online car auction, you will be able to access a massive fleet of vehicles belonging to different makes and models. Navigating your way between listings of cars and deciding which one to buy can get confusing. Therefore, research and explore your options beforehand.

Make a list of things you require in your future vehicle. For example, decide if you want an automatic or manual car, an anti-locking brake system, heated seats, etc. You should also consider Calgary’s snowy weather and select a vehicle with good road traction.

Check the Vehicle’s Market Value

After deciding on the make and model of your car, check its market value. This will help you learn how many bids you should place on a vehicle. Make sure the bidding amount does not exceed the market value. Otherwise, fixing and getting a rebuilt title will cost you more than buying a clean title car.

Review the Vehicle History Report

You should know all the minor and significant details about the car before participating and bidding on it in the live auction. This will give you an estimate of how much money you will need to fix the car. If the total repair amount exceeds the current market value of the vehicle, investing your hard-earned money in it is not a sound investment.

A vehicle history report’s information is backed up by the real vehicle identification number (VIN). Therefore, you can be hundred percent sure about the information’s authenticity. However, not all auto auctions provide vehicle history reports, and you have to get the VIN checked yourself.

However, ABB provides vehicle history reports if you subscribe to their Premium and Pro membership packages. With the report, you can review your favorite vehicle’s current condition by learning its:

  • Odometer Reading: It determines how many miles a car has traveled since it was first sold. A vehicle with high mileage costs less than a vehicle with less mileage. You can also check this on the car’s dashboard, but it is easy to tamper with this reading to show false results.
  • Previous Owners: This shows how many times a vehicle has been sold before. An ideal car has a minimum of one and a maximum of two owners.
  • Open Recalls: An open recall on a car means that it has an issue, making it a safety risk. Moreover, the manufacturer has not found a remedy to fix it.
  • Accidents and Repairs: Knowing about previous accidents and repairs will show what damage a car has obtained over time. The more accidents a vehicle has been in, the fewer original parts it would have. This increases the likelihood of intense damage, which you will have to pay a lot of money to fix.

Take an Expert’s Opinion

If it is your first time buying a salvage car, it won’t be easy to calculate a repair cost estimate. As a result, you may end up purchasing a vehicle that is not great for your budget. That is why you need to contact an expert mechanic for their opinion. So, show the vehicle history report to a trusted professional and get a quote. You can also ask them how much you should bid on the car to buy it at the right price.

Budget Your Vehicle Expenses

Your vehicle budget is a guide that helps you during live auction bidding. It ensures you don’t end up spending more than you can afford. Therefore, your budget should also include expenses other than the vehicle’s price. Those expenses are:

  • Vehicle registration fee
  • Shipping fee
  • Parts fee
  • Repair charges
  • Rebuilt title registration fee

If you spend your entire budget during bidding, you will not have enough money for other essential tasks. That is why it is important to include all these expenses in your budget to avoid overspending.

Register On the Authentic Auction Site

Registering with an authentic car auction site gives you the peace of mind that all the listed vehicles show genuine information. It also reduces the risk of scams because governmental rules regulate authentic auctions. One of the dependable car auctions to buy salvage cars in Calgary is A Better Bid (ABB). It is a Copart-registered online auction that is open to everyone. You can participate in bidding without a dealer’s license and buy your favorite car at wholesale prices.

Wrapping Up

Salvage cars allow you to purchase a vehicle at low rates. Moreover, you can fix it or repair it according to your style. Before you finalize your purchase, make sure to check the vehicle history report. This will help you find the right car based on your budget. If you are unsure where to buy a salvage vehicle, visit ABB. They have a collection of 300,000+ vehicles in inventory to connect you with your dream car.


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