Choosing the Right Cloud Migration Company for Your Needs

The cloud is the future of contact center innovation. Yet, selecting the appropriate cloud migration company in today’s diverse cloud landscape can be intricate. An organization must find a partner that aligns with its short and long-term goals.

Key Aspects of Choosing a Partner:

1.Evaluating Partners:

Organizations will invariably face transitions while evaluating cloud platforms. It’s pivotal to align with a strategic partner versed across top market platforms. A proficient cloud migration company aids in making informed choices and remains consistent through the implementation process, regardless of the chosen platform.

2.Filtering Options:

Often, organizations gravitate towards pre-existing associations with Global Systems Integrators (GSIs). GSIs, although experts in areas like ERP, might lack depth in specialized areas such as Contact Center as a Service (CCaaS). Hence, partnering with a company having profound CCaaS expertise is imperative.

3.Questioning Prospective Partners:

Questions like:

  • What’s your expertise with platforms in our setup?
  • Can we interact with your past clients?
  • What certifications and experience do you possess relevant to our migration?
  • How many migrations have you concluded and in what timeframe?

4.Planning for Cloud Migration:

Migrating to the cloud brings agility. Organizations must concentrate their IT resources on innovation instead of managing infrastructure, representing a significant IT expenditure shift. Cloud migration offers constant innovation, without the restrictions of prior capital investments.

5.Data Management and Analysis:

Cloud migration offers superior data organization and analysis capabilities. Leveraging cloud computing allows for AI and machine learning applications on data. At Artelogic, we operate across multiple leading cloud CCaaS platforms, focusing on functionality and operational needs, ensuring a holistic and effective solution.

  1. Navigating IT Strategies and Hyperscalers:

A noticeable shift in enterprises’ IT strategies is towards hyperscalers. Artelogic assists clients in managing their enterprise hyperscale strategies while optimizing their CX technology platforms.

Why Artelogic is the Ideal Partner:

Artelogic collaborates with premier CCaaS platforms, like Genesys, drawing from Artelogic’s 10 years of operational experience. We provide unparalleled services on platforms like Genesys Engage and are adept with the Genesys Cloud platform. Our unique position helps design transitions seamlessly.

Moreover, we ensure risk mitigation and outcome optimization when shifting to the cloud. Especially when transitioning from a legacy system to modern cloud services, partnering with a company possessing in-depth knowledge of both legacy and contemporary platforms is beneficial.

While cloud migration promises numerous advantages, partnering with the right cloud migration company, like Artelogic, ensures those benefits are fully realized.

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