Cybersecurity Awareness: New Cyberthreat Doors

Cybersecurity awareness that starts with self-education, which results in solid knowledge, is needed now more than ever. New fronts posing cyber security threats are on the rise. As technologies are getting more exciting, immersive, and  more immersed in our daily lives than ever, we must make cyber security more mainstream by spreading more cyber security awareness in society.

Emerging widely adopted technologies can open doors to more cyberthreats such as DDoS and botnet attacks.

Let’s explore some of those technologies which have become an inseparable part of cyberspace and how they can pose a threat to your cyber security and cyber privacy, for that matter.

IoT – Internet of Things

IoT, also known as the Internet of Things, is becoming more mainstream by the second, integrating everyday aspects of our lives to cyberspace and technology. Traditional appliances such as fridges, heating systems and ACs, are becoming more intelligent than ever, allowing the homeowner or renter to control those devices from their mobile devices in their home or even thousands of miles away. 

Home security systems that are IoT-enabled give users unprecedented convenience and power at their fingertips.

The home is more cyber-connected than ever and, as a result, opens new vulnerabilities and exploits that you need to be aware of. 

For example, your home security system, which may have several network-connected indoor and outdoor security cameras, including the one integrated to a smart doorbell, if hacked, will not only be a privacy breach for you and your family, it may also pose a real physical threat. 

Often these systems are accessed via a laptop typically running Windows. If your home network and endpoint devices are not sufficiently protected, then it is enough that a hacker accesses those systems, and the IoT home systems are hacked too by default. 

For that reason, it is of paramount importance to take all steps in your power to protect your home network and home devices. These steps should include a home network firewall, a Windows firewall, and anti malware application on your laptop and a VPN to encrypt your traffic and take your home network and its respective devices to the next level of data privacy. 

Be sure to purchase these solutions from a reputable company in the cyber security industry with a proven track record.

Metaverse – Web 3.0

The Metaverse, which is the next evolutionary step for the internet, is so exciting with technologies such as VR and AR more widely used in many applications that, in its fascinating nature, may lead to widespread user complacency. 

The Metaverse can catch users off-guard, overlooking the fact that the same threats are there with the Metaverse and to forget that prudent cyber-secure steps need to br in place. Users will be adopting new digital identities using 3D avatars. If a hacker manages to hack an avatar, it would be a dangerous new form of ID theft that could come along with its own new set of dangerous implications.

More Cyber Doors to Come  – Cybersecurity Awareness

Technological advancement is an infinite game, and the cyber threats it will open doors to will be infinite in tandem. We must remember never to overlook the importance of prudent cyber security practices.

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