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If you are successful in doing so, then your objective will have been successfully completed. You will be able to triumph over them if you follow these steps. This is the one and only way to ensure that we will emerge victorious. You won’t be able to declare victory in the conflict until you reach that point; until then, you won’t have earned that right. Astel has a fairly high resistance to damage brought on by methods other than direct physical contact, which accounts for the reason why this is the case. The other reason why this is the case is because of the fact that Astel has a high resistance to damage.

Despite this, it is still possible to kill it with bleeding, poison, or scarlet rot, with the latter being a particularly effective method.

During the course of the battle, you are going to want to make absolutely certain that you maintain a comfortable distance between yourself and your opponent at all times. You can also rely on a Spirit Summon that has a focus on range to do the work for you (for example, Latenna the Albinauric), but buy Elden Ring runes is likely that using the Mimic Tear will be more beneficial to you in the long run. Citation neededNeeds additional citationsAdditional citations are required.
You have a choice to make in the fight against Astel: either bring a Spellproof Dried Liver into the fight with you or combine an Opaline Hardtear with your flask of Wondrous Physick. Either option will allow you to deal more damage to Astel. Regardless of which option you go with, you will be able to maximize the amount of preparedness you have for the upcoming conflict. Damage that is caused by magic can be inflicted by Astel. If all you do to protect yourself is put on the most protective suit of armor you can find right now, you should be fine.

Astel is the name of the terrifying boss that resides in the enormous arena where the battle takes place.

Because the crystal bubbles that make up Astel’s torso and tail are protected by a powerful shield, you should concentrate your attacks on the creature’s legs and head rather than its torso and tail. Locking onto its head and dealing damage with projectiles while standing at a distance roughly equivalent to the distance that separates the two of you is one of the most effective strategies you can employ in this conflict. It is one of the most effective strategies you can employ. On top of that, it is one of the strategies that is the least complicated to carry out.

It has been established that Astel is more likely than average to become infected with a disease that is brought on by the Scarlet Rot. The precarious position that we are in will not be improved. Because of this, you will be in the best possible position to come out on top of the fight. You won’t take any harm as a result of taking this action on your part. It is common practice for it to continue the assault by employing this particular type of secondary attack after cheap Elden Ring items has finished discharging the primary laser beam Elden Ring runes was using. It will begin by bringing its tail crashing down on the ground twice, and then proceed to raise its tail up in the air behind its back, and then proceed to do so once more after completing the previous action. Regardless of how close or far away you are from either of the slams, you should always be prepared to sidestep to the left or right in order to avoid being hit by either of the slams. This is the only way to avoid being struck by either of the slams. This will enable you to avoid getting hit by either of the slams that are coming your way. Following that, the hand will start to glow in a purple color again. After that, the hand will begin to glow in a color similar to the original purple color. It is possible that it will start off this attack by flying upward into the air, and then  will proceed to strike you with a swipe from below. This is just one of its possible strategies.

Teleport. A teeny-tiny glowing orb in the color purple will materialize directly above the creature’s head just before buy Elden Ring items causes a massive explosion that has an extensive area of effect, and then it will teleport away after the explosion has taken place. This orb will appear just before the explosion takes place. It is absolutely necessary for you to spare no effort in evacuating the area as rapidly and as far away from the explosion as you are capable of doing so in order to avoid injury. However, Best Elden Ring Strength Build will not attempt a grab attack if the first scenario plays out as it is currently planned. In the event that the first scenario plays out according to the plans that have been laid out for it, the creature will not attempt to perform a grab attack. If you carry out these steps in the correct manner, you will protect yourself from any potential harm.

If you approach Astel from the front too closely, it will attempt to grab you with its pincers or poke you in the face with its tail if you approach it too closely. If you approach Astel from the back too closely, it will try to grab you with its pincers. If you get too close to Astel while approaching from behind, it will make an attempt to grab you with its pincers. When you get too close to Astel while approaching from behind, it will make an attempt to grab you with its pincers if you are in its range of vision.

After that, a hail of meteorites will come at you from all directions, and a lilac haze will envelop the sky all around and above Astel. This will take place very quickly after the event that just occurred. Within this area, avoiding taking damage is difficult, and  is almost certain that you will, as a result of being in this area. It is going to be extremely challenging to stop the damage from taking place.

You will be able to bring the dome crashing down before the battle is over if you keep your concentration on dealing damage to Best Elden Ring Strength Build throughout the entire fight. In the event that all of your hard work is for naught, you will not be qualified for either of these rewards. In addition to a potent flail, you will be able to acquire the Ash of War if you make use of this item when Elden Ring Items PC is put to its intended purpose.

After emerging from the cave, immediately continue forward, past the Glintstone Dragon, until you come to the Cathedral of Manus Celes. This is the location at which one can find Ranni, the Witch. As a reward, she will hand over the Dark Moon Greatsword to you once you have reached the location that was outlined earlier in the conversation.

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