Diablo 4, how to choose the main character and a beginner

Not so long ago, the long-awaited release of Diablo 4 happened, which ended the period of active beta testing to identify bugs and give players the opportunity to get acquainted with a new world that they have to explore and conquer.

Game start

You need to know that Diablo 4, like all its predecessors, is more difficult at the start than at high levels and new difficulties. It just won’t happen, of course, but with a skill set and a general understanding of the game, it will be easier for you to fight enemies that are resistant to most attacks than to start and run from the starting village to kill your first monsters with your fists.

Regardless of which class you choose, the conditions for starting the game will be the same for everyone.

You will start your journey in the initial village and must get your first weapon in battle, as well as the level in order to learn the first skills and start accelerating your progress faster and faster.

Ways to level up:

  • Kill monsters
  • Clear Dungeons
  • Destroy bosses
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Kill monsters

Killing monsters, especially in large numbers, is a guaranteed increase in levels and production of gold and equipment. In Diablo, there has never been a shortage of experience gained, and even more so equipment – the only question is its quality and the correspondence of the proposed characteristics to your class and their significance.

Clear Dungeons

Diablo 4 is made in the dark fantasy style with a large number of gloomy dungeons, which are inhabited by many dangerous monsters and creatures, some are grouped into large crowds, and some are waiting for the enemy alone.

Dungeons are dead ends, that is, they exist exclusively for cleaning and looting, or binders that should lead the player to a new location – which dungeon you came across, you will find out when you go through all the rooms and clear all the monsters.

In the dungeons, there will also be chests with various rewards – including improved weapons and armor, if you’re lucky.

Destroy bosses

As in all parts of the Diablo series, there are several types of bosses in the fourth part – some serve as guides to the next act of storytelling, and some simply exist in the game world in the context of world events.

All these bosses can and should be attacked for the sake of experience and rare rewards, but you need to be prepared for the fact that the whole area will be against you – all the surrounding monsters and traps, negative skills of the bosses and their retinues.

Keep in mind that each boss has a very strong attack and various skills that either deal damage or impose negative effects that take away health or complicate the fight, so always keep healing potions ready and try not to let the enemy get too close to you unnecessarily.

Important points to know about Diablo 4

You can speed up your hero’s movement speed

To do this, the game has horses – faithful horses that can be saddled to increase the speed of movement and overcome barriers from monsters that you don’t really want to kill because of the loss of time.

The horse can be customized – that is, change its appearance, giving it a unique look, but it will not work to pump a riding companion.

To get a mount, you need to complete the first three acts and go to the Cathedral of Light. Having completed all the necessary tasks there, you will receive your first horse, which will take you out of a difficult situation more than once.

Equipment, quality and repair

Throughout the history of the Diablo series of games, classes of weapons and armor have been formed that determine their quality and potential capabilities.

Normal – the most frequent drop from monsters and chests, does not differ in many bonuses and serves exclusively as starting weapons and armor – nothing more.

Magic – a blue item, already provides players with not one type of bonuses, but two, but often these are generalized characteristics without any noticeable improvements.

Rare items are more valuable items that not only increase important characteristics for the character, but also often increase the power level of a certain skill.

Legendary items are the most valuable items that combine an increase in basic parameters and give an increase in ability power, and can be combined into sets and add big bonuses when collecting more than two items from a set. Each class has its own special sets, which you should strive for and sell, or exchange, all unsuitable equipment.

The best quality equipment is dropped firstly from bosses and sometimes from ordinary monsters if there is a high chance of finding a magic item – keep in mind that it is often impossible to combine stat boost and rare item chance, so it makes sense to concentrate on luck and be patient, but accumulate enough quality equipment and weapons.

Any equipment and weapons in Diablo 4 have their own tensile strength and a general damage system that affects their operation. Simply put, it can break – this does not mean that the item will cease to exist, you simply will not be able to use it.

The status of the equipment and the time until the final breakdown can be found in its description.

All equipment can and should be repaired, and it is advisable to check its status before starting a difficult battle so that you don’t end up with your bare hands at the most inconvenient moment.

To repair items, you need to contact a blacksmith in any city and pay the amount of gold, depending on the scale of equipment fullness and its quality.

It is advisable to have at least one backup option in case of sudden breakdowns.

Keep in mind that depreciation progress is not that fast, but if the character often dies, the repair status will approach very quickly.

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