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Virtual Board Games

Playing an exciting board game is the best way to pass your time when you are getting bored at home all alone. This can be ticklish for you, but you will get a number of apps providing you with the best options to play board games virtually. Gear up for a fun-filled game round with your friends. Don’t worry if you are not able to go out and have a party with your friends; you must be fond of board games. So here we have compiled a list of apps and games you can enjoy virtually. Also, if you don’t want to meet people, you can play these games with strangers as well.

Popular Virtual Board Games 

  • Monopoly

Make a group of friends to play this popular virtual game. In this game, you can make your pals bankrupt in order to be the richest one. As you step ahead in the game, you will buy the properties, purchase hotels, and accumulate the rent. In this game, you can include up to 6 people. You can download it easily as it’s present in both Android and iOS. This game helps you develop your critical thinking and financial management skills. It is mostly about strategy, skills, and, of course, luck. If you want to play it for free, you can play it on miniplay. To explore more into such popular online board games visit: https://parhaatkorttipelit.fi/

  • Clue

The clue game is similar to the Hasbro board game. In this game, players can pitch an individual character of their choice as there are many scenarios and mysteries to solve. You can get this game on the App Store and Play Store. It is a game of an outstanding detective. In Clue, there is a grand mansion, and players run from one room to another in that mansion to find out who did the murder and how. In simple words, this game aims to find who has committed the murder of the victim. In this game, players require fortune and skills. 

  • Uno

This is the most loved game that is now available online. Uno has introduced many new rules to its online version. In this game, people have to empty their hands. The one left with no cards wins at the end. Its online version includes multiple players. The best thing about the online version is that you can customize your rules as per your convenience. You can buy it on Xbox, PS4 and PS5 with advanced features. You can play it for free in the browser. There are various turns and twists in this game. You can talk with your pals by sending voice messages during gameplay. You can also get it in the App Store and Google Play Store. 

  • Chess

Chess is a fabulous board game of two people. Chess allows you to start a game with any of your friends. Players can optimize the difficulty level. You can play chess for free on the Google Play Store. It is a fabulous game for people who are always excited to build new strategies. You can start a game with your friend and cut off any opponent. The best thing about playing chess online is that you can customize its various factors like difficulty level, number of rounds, and time period. 

  • Checkers

It is a board game that is quite simple to play with your mate. This game has a simple drag-and-drop mode. It also has a chatbox so that you can wish or congratulate your mate on an intelligent action. There is a square board of tiny square boxes with 8 squares on every side. This game is initiated with an equal number of squares. The first step is to move by the one with white boxes. This game comes to an end when players cannot make any movement.

  • Catan

It is a multi-player board game where you can compete with up to four of your friends. It is available on Android, Windows, Mac,and iOS. The context of this game is that you are on the island of Catan, and you are challenging each other to see who can build their civilization quickly. As you build your civilization and unlock the achievements, you will start getting victory points. The one who gets 10 victory points first wins. 

  • Scrabble Go

Scrabble provides you with the actual experience of a crossword game. Here, you are provided the board, title, and a dictionary of Scrabble words. There are many more new features by which you can give tough competition to your friends. Get this game for free on the App Store or Google Play. Basically, it is a word-building game where you are supposed to build the words and add notes as per the tiles. Its prestige edition is luxurious beyond our imagination. Playing Scrabble is good for your brain as it develops the vocabulary skills in you. 


Playing these board games virtually will always be beneficial in this fast-paced world where people don’t have time to visit each other. Go one step ahead and play these popular board games to upskill yourself. We hope you like our article. To know more about such interesting topics, visit our other articles. Also, do let us know about your feedback in the comments. 

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