Fun Ways To Last Longer In Bed – Make Your Sexual Interactions More Pleasurable

Are you looking for a breakthrough from the monotony of life? Hiring an Escort from a reputed and reliable source to enjoy a fun-filled night can be an excellent way. 

Sexual intimacies always rejuvenate the mind and particularly so when you know it is a no-strings-attached relationship. Professional escorts make sure that you enjoy every second in bed and you can also try a few new moves and positions with your escorts. 

Then, why not make the duration longer so that you can enjoy it more? If you are one of those who generally finish sooner, here are a few ways to keep the fun going. The fit and flexible escorts can help you realize your long cherished sex fantasies that you have hitherto dreamt of. 

To make your activities in bed more rough, wild, and sustained, you can try the following tricks. For higher sexual pleasures, there remains a bundle of ways to explore the limits of lovemaking. 

Use a Condom

Well, using a condom is a standard protocol for having sex with an escort. However, this can also become a source of stretching the duration in many ways. You feel like ejaculating when you reach the pinnacle moment due to successive levels of hypersensitivity received through your penis.  

Therefore, if you can keep the sensitivity low, the ejaculation tendency will appear at a later phase. Condoms create a layer between the penis and the vaginal wall which reduces sensitivity to some extent. 

Therefore, you can stay in action for a longer time watching your escort moan louder at every stroke. What can be more pleasurable when you are looking for a respite from the daily like boredom through sexual intercourse?  

Exchange Erotic Messages

Before you start penetrating or become active in bed, try exchanging some steamy, vulgar messages with your hired escort. This will keep the spirits high at a certain level without letting you ejaculate. Let the excitement tower and then get into the action. 

This can help you muster enough momentum and make the entire process quite long. When it comes to erotic messages, these may include snaps as well. Professional escorts know how to keep you high on excitement through words, pictures, and emojis. 

They might ask for your permission for exchanging such hot and steamy photos to set the mood just as a formality as they know how much it would help you to prepare yourself for the rest of the night. 

Try Pause-Squeeze Method

Once you are already into the action, the chances of ejaculation rise. This is when you can apply this method which can delay your final moment by hours. The process is simple but effective. 

Once you reach the pinnacle of excitement and feel like ejaculating, pull out your penis and squeeze the penis tip for a few seconds. Once the urge to ejaculate subsides, you can restart the game of love from scratch. You can allow yourself to use this method as long as you do not want the fun to end.  

Indulge In Foreplay

A classic way of delaying orgasm has always been foreplay. Having sex is not all about penetrating and reaching the pinnacle of excitement within minutes. It is about indulging in the luxury of letting your senses plunge into the ocean of desire. Now, this needs time. 

Exchanging hot erotic messages is undoubtedly a part of it. But, you can also indulge in physical foreplay. This may include kissing mildly, touching softly, talking dirty and more. No matter how you carry on with the foreplay part, it always helps in delaying the final act.

If you are interested in a whole-night adventure, prolonged sessions of mild foreplay actions followed by a few more passionate moves finally leading to penetration would be the best course to follow. 

Masturbate Before Getting Into Bed

If you have ejaculated an hour before sex, you will feel less sensitivity down your pelvic area. Even if the escort’s moves and toned body lure you desperately, you will be able to carry out the fun for a long time due to simple biological reasons. 

It’s more like drinking a glass of water before eating. When you feel less hungry, you eat slowly. After masturbation, you can indulge in dirty talking followed by steamy message exchange and some foreplay actions. 

All these should consume an hour or more and then you can finally feel the urge again and start slowly. If you wish to keep continue sexual acts longer, you need to go at a slow and steady pace. 

Ladys.One is an escort hiring website where you will find healthy, beautiful, skilled, and professional escorts. All of them know the ways to keep the actions in bed going for hours. Try these tricks like a pro to have a great fun time for the entire time for which you have booked the services.  

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