Getting started with lead generation: a complete guide

When it comes to running and growing a company, it pays to be clear about the strategies you’ll follow in order to achieve your proposed objectives.

Company managers have a wide range of options to choose from, and obviously some will end up working better than others.

Outbound marketing, inbound marketing and the Unlock Latam approach are among the most popular strategies currently deployed, although choosing the right one for your business may be the difference between failure and success.

Latin America: a brave new world for business

Latin America is experiencing particularly accelerated business growth, but it is also home to certain elements that sometimes tend to delay this growth – including cultural issues, traditions and ways of working that are outdated or run contrary to the consensus.

Faced with this scenario, international companies attempt to enter the region and realize their full potential using a number of different strategies. The economic and marketing plans of your business are key during this stage.

Lead generation, coupled with specific projections, can allow companies to start envisaging significant growth in Latin America.

What is outbound marketing?

This marketing strategy blends the traditional with the modern, and is recommended for companies which are reluctant to rely on all-digital actions.

Outbound aims to apply a marketing strategy by disseminating a certain product, along with its price, benefits and unique selling points.

When referring to the product, potential customers should be advised what exactly it is they are being invited to purchase, with an emphasis on its quality. The sale value should also be highlighted, in accordance with what is being offered.

Crucially, viewers need to be informed where and how they can buy the product in question, and when they can expect to receive it, complete with real-time monitoring.

Using this strategy, companies typically direct the sale of their products, attempting to reach as many people as possible through multiple communication channels.

Why is it important to have a marketing strategy?

A marketing strategy is key to achieving a campaign’s stated goals, whether it revolves around a product for sale or a service provided.

To determine the correct marketing strategy for your business, multiple issues need to be analyzed. Once the strategy is chosen, the campaign should proceed along these lines, to achieve the greatest impact possible for the product in question. 

Each campaign will have short-term, medium-term and long-term objectives. Remember to respect these timeframes and processes, without skipping any steps.

Why leads are so essential

When considering your marketing strategy, bear in mind the different resources at your disposal.

Leads – i.e. potential customers who display an interest in a certain product or service – are one such resource.

Information about leads is highly valuable – make sure to register their contact information and add it to the appropriate database, so they can stay as up to date as possible with your news. These emails or announcements will let your marketing and sales team keep leads notified of all latest releases.

Leads are extremely important, and companies need to work organically in the research process in order to capture them, and know how to reach them.


In the realm of B2B lead generation, three distinct lead categories play pivotal roles: Seeds, Nets, and Spears. Seed leads are the organic growth nurtured patiently over time, originating from customer referrals, public relations, SEO, content marketing, and active participation in communities. Net leads, on the other hand, cast a wide strategic net to capture a diverse array of prospects through inbound marketing and traditional advertising campaigns. Finally, Spear leads represent precision strikes, targeting specific high-value companies through outbound sales efforts. These categories within the Predictable Revenue methodology empower businesses to adapt their strategies for more efficient and effective lead generation.

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