How to Get Started with Online Sabong via GCash: Beginner’s Guide

Are you someone who wants to get started with online Sabong and make easy payments with GCash? If so, then you have come to the right place. GCash is one of the most widely used payment methods in the Philippines, and it is accepted on many Sabong platforms.

In this article, we will teach you everything you need to know to get started with online Sabong GCash, as well as how to find the best online Sabong platforms.

Getting Started with GCash

GCash brings many advantages to Filipino bettors. A GCash account can easily be connected to a bank account, allowing users to quickly and effortlessly transfer money to make online payments.

GCash is also 100% safe and very intuitive. If you don’t know how to use GCash, then don’t worry. Here is all you need to get started with the platform, as well as how to use it to bet on online Sabong.

Creating a GCash Account

Before you can use GCash to bet on online Sabong, you first need to create a GCash account. Don’t worry. This can all be done through the GCash app.

Simply install the GCash app on your mobile device and follow the necessary steps to create an account. You will have to provide a phone number in order to create a GCash account.

Funding Your GCash Wallet

After creating your GCash account, you will need to add funds to your wallet. GCash provides several ways of doing so.

You can add funds to your wallet by the following ways:

  • Through a linked bank account.
  • Through a banking app.
  • Through Payoneer.
  • Through Paypal.
  • Through OTC kiosks.

Simply choose your preferred method and add your funds to your account.

Withdrawing Winnings to GCash

Once you connect your GCash wallet to a Sabong website, you can use it to make payments and withdraw your winnings.

Withdrawing winnings from the platform will always depend on a variety of factors, such as the minimum withdrawal amount and the available payment methods. Luckily, most Sabong platforms accept GCash withdrawals.

To withdraw money with GCash, simply go to the withdrawal section of your betting platform and choose GCash as your withdrawal method. Confirm the transaction, and the money should be instantly transferred to your account.

Security and Verification

GCash is one of the safest e-Wallets available in the Philippines. Besides featuring standard security features, such as 2FA, GCash also features other advanced security features, such as DoubleSafe.

When completing a GCash transaction, users may be asked to take a selfie, in order to confirm they are actually the ones starting the transaction.

This makes GCash extremely safe and ideal to use in online betting platforms.

Finding Online Sabong Platforms

Once you have your GCash wallet set up, you will need to find a good Sabong betting platform. But while finding an online Sabong platform might not be too difficult, finding a good one usually requires some research.

Choose platforms that are well reviewed by professional experts and that have great user feedback. Platforms that provide good welcome bonuses are usually good choices too.

The best way to find a good platform is by reading websites that review online Sabong platforms, as they usually tell you everything you need to know about each platform.


Betting on online Sabong is very easy with GCash. The app makes online payments easy and is completely safe. However, before you start betting on online Sabong matches, it is essential that you choose a good betting website.

Don’t forget to do your research before betting, and good luck!

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