How to Land Your Dream FinTech Job with Lensa


The digitalization of countless tasks and duties has led to many jobs evolving some departments into tech ones. That being said, many companies in the world of finance have also switched many of their endeavors to being closely tied to technology. Fintech is the perfect balance between business and technology for tech-savvy individuals. 


Let’s explore the idea of fintech and how you can land yourself a job in it using a job board like Lensa. With the right qualifications and approach, finding a job in fintech can become a breeze.

What is fintech?

The name itself is the compilation of words between finance and technology. There is fintech everywhere you look, especially in bank transactions such as mobile payments but can be found in far wider circles than simple daily customer transactions, which we will be getting into below.


Fintech appears in areas such as artificial intelligence, cryptocurrency, insurance, investments and alternative banking systems, and so on. Fintech companies aren’t properly defined since these functions blend in with existing companies such as banks. In other words, fintech is what keeps a company, such as a traditional financial institution, running from the background. 


It is also a big part of start-ups that focus on solving problems related to finance. Both of these areas of fintech work hard to maintain market competition. A great example of this is when a traditional institution creates a similar idea to a start-up to continue its innovation. 

What are some demanded fintech roles?

There are certain roles that are highly demanded in the world of fintech. Those roles tend to be more specialized but also have more benefits since they are so needed. Product managers and software engineers are both extremely demanded roles due to their nature in both finance and tech. 


UI/UX developers or designers are also extremely sought after since they take care of the customer side of fintech, involving the face of the services and so on. Business analysts are also highly demanded in the feedback they provide companies using technology such as AI

How to land a fintech role 

Finding your place in the industry of fintech is simple. You need the right qualifications and the right strategy, which can be enhanced using the help of sources such as Lensa. Let’s start with the qualifications you will need.

Demanded skills

Technology and finance both necessitate knowledge that can only be acquired by either completing a diploma program, taking classes, or being self-taught. Primarily, cybersecurity, machine learning, and AI are high on the priority list due to how crucial these elements are to fintech. Cybersecurity will always be a good option since the demand for it is unlikely to ever cease.


Programming, data analytics, and insurance are also highly demanded in fintech. Programmers are the ones coding the software to make fintech services happen, while data analysts turn the feedback from data into future strategies. Insurance is also highly sought after for the finance side of things. 

Resume creation and understanding yourself 

Creating a resume can be done easily with the help of Lensa. The website has a workstyle game anyone can take that quizzes you and helps assess what skills and style of work you are made for. This system uses AI to give accurate descriptions, helping you decide what important information you should share on your resume about yourself. 


What fintech recruiters mainly look for on resumes are your skills and experience. In order to have a human recruiter look at your resume in the first place, you must comply with applicant tracking system methods. Try looking at keywords and adding them to your resume so Lensa’s AI can successfully match you to a company. 

Stay connected 

Lensa tends to send out reminders and personalized newsletters for new job openings as well as reminders or notifications on ongoing job applications. This can help you keep track of your job-finding progress and help you determine how well you are doing at landing a fintech job. 

Keep searching until you succeed

Depending on the role you apply for, finding a fintech job can be time-consuming. With Lensa, it is companies that pay to see your application and not the other way around. This incentivizes recruiters to go through your resume, making you more likely to get hired faster. 


As long as you are passionate about this career and can see yourself succeeding and continuing to learn, you are bound to get hired.





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