Introducing FoxData: An Integrated Mobile App Analysis Tool and Data-driven Marketing Solution

About Us:

FoxData is a comprehensive solution for all your digital marketing requirements. We aim to make your digital marketing journey seamless and successful. Learn more from our ASO Case Studies.


Our Services:

Our suite of services includes Game Publishing, Digital Marketing, Content Marketing, Design & Creatives, ASO Services, and Apple Search Ads  Services, offering a comprehensive solution to support your business.


Do You Want to Uncover Insights? Choose FoxData!

We provide Mobile App Analytics services for you to Uncover Insights! It includes Market Intelligence, Ad Intelligence, and ASO Intelligence. Market Intelligence helps you get actionable insights into crucial metrics, analyze top-ranked apps in your niche, and access comprehensive global market analysis. Ad Intelligence can turn insights into actionable steps to enhance your paid traffic acquisition. Gain a unified view of ASA campaign performance. ASO Intelligence can boost your app’s visibility and user acquisition. From keyword discovery to real-time tracking, we’ve got your ASO covered.


Do You Want to Achieve Efficient Campaign Management? Choose FoxData!

Our suite of services for managing Apple Search Ads is designed to provide a comprehensive solution. With our Ads Manager service, you can efficiently manage your ad campaigns, track performance, and make necessary adjustments from a centralized platform. The Keywords Planner tool assists in identifying the most effective keywords, enhancing the visibility and effectiveness of your ads. Additionally, our Automation service streamlines and automates the ad management process, saving valuable time and resources.


Do You Want to Reach Your Target Audience? Choose FoxData!

  • Paid Search Ads: Deliver contextually relevant ads on Google, Bing, and Yahoo to meet your potential customers’ needs.
  • Paid Social Ads: Reach specific target audiences on Facebook, Linkedin, and Instagram.
  • Video Ads: Engage potential customers effectively on YouTube and TikTok.
  • App Advertising: Boost your mobile app’s visibility and user acquisition in the competitive mobile app market.


Do You Want to Fuel Engagement? Choose FoxData!

  • Content Writing Services: Receive expert blog and article writing services to personalize your content marketing efforts.
  • Social Marketing Services: Develop your brand’s social media strategy, create business pages, and track performance.
  • SEO Services: Optimize your content and website for higher search engine rankings and increased organic traffic.


Do You Want to Make Your Game Shine? Choose FoxData!

  • Game Distribution: Expand your game’s online presence with comprehensive support and continuous feedback.
  • Monetization Strategy Planning: Maximize your game’s profitability through effective strategies.
  • Player Acquisition & Retention: Attract and keep your players engaged.
  • Game Interface Optimization: Enhance player engagement and retention with a well-designed game intermodal.


Do You Want to Enhance User Experience? Choose FoxData!

We provide Web Design and Creative Design services for you, which are tailored to your website’s unique personality and create captivating visuals for mobile searches, social media, and other channels to engage your target audience effectively!


Want to know more about our story? Check out our Case Studies!

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