Investing in Gundam: What to Know Before Making Your Purchase

Imagine creating your duplicate robots that are of the highest quality and most minutely detailed. You can construct your favorite well-known, enormous robots from the legendary Gundam series with Gundam model kits. These kits are outstanding investments because of their eye-catching features, including their sleek looks and jaw-dropping weapons.


But it takes time, especially when you don’t know how to buy them, to look for the greatest Gundam model kits that mix artistry and engineering. This article will outline the four most important things to consider while purchasing online Gundam model kits.

Read the Customer Reviews

Testimonials offer insightful information from people who have already bought and assembled the model kit you’re interested in. These reviews provide:


  • First-hand accounts and perspectives.
  • Assisting you in evaluating the general quality.
  • Simplicity of assembly.
  • Any potential problems or difficulties.


Ratings, whether expressed as stars or numerical scores, briefly summarize the degree to which consumers were satisfied with a given model kit. Higher ratings typically denote a better overall experience, whereas lower ratings may draw attention to potential flaws or product restrictions. Keeping an eye out for this can help you spot well-liked model kits.

Check Product Legitimacy

The online market is unfortunately not immune to fake goods, and replica kits might not offer the same quality or authenticity as the genuine article. You may be sure you are purchasing an authentic Gundam kit with all the particular details and designs by checking the product’s validity.


Buying from reliable online shops is one of the most important suggestions for confirming the legitimacy of the goods. The chances of finding genuine Gundam model kits are higher in well-established shops specializing in the genre.


Pay attention to any official branding, holograms, or emblem that signify the product’s legitimacy. Genuine product photographs will show the kit from many perspectives and be crisp and high-quality.

Gundam Grades and Scales

When choosing a Gundam kit, the “grade” and the “scale” must be considered. The rating reflects how difficult it will be to assemble the kit. In contrast, the size shows how big the model is compared to the genuine robot from the anime.


So, when looking for Gundam kits, make sure they fall into the following categories:

Super Deformed (SD)

These Gundam kits are cartoony and chibi-style, with oversized features. They look cute and cartoonish and are simple to construct because of their amusing appearance. For those who are new to Gundam or prefer a more whimsical view of the universe, SD kits are ideal.

High Grade (HG)

High-grade kits strike a fair compromise between budget and intricacy. The Gundam may be posed in various action positions because of the outstanding articulation of HG kits, which are very simple to assemble.

Real Grade (RG)

Kits from Real Grade are renowned for their extraordinary detail and lifelike appearance. Although they are more difficult to construct than HG kits, they are still appropriate for intermediate builders.

Master Grade (MG)

For more experienced individuals building skills, Master Grade kits are available. They provide more detail and presentation and frequently come with extra accessories.

Perfect Grade (PG)

The best Gundam model kits are Perfect Grade kits. They are the largest, most stunning, and most intricate kits. These kits are intended for seasoned modelers and ardent Gundam fans who want to create a jaw-dropping focal point for their collection.

Shipping Cost

The price of your Gundam Kits is not the only thing you need to consider, especially if you’re buying only. Shipping fee is an important factor you need to take into account when planning to buy your kit. Shipping fees vary according to your and the seller’s location, the size and weight of your purchase. It’s better to be aware of how much your shipping will cost before you checkout.

Make a Smart Investment out of Gundam!

People should consider investing in a Gundam model because some may become scarce in the future. Also, markets for built Gundams have grown as some people opt to buy them for exhibition purposes. If you’re considering starting your collection for later investment, check out Gundam Express and its kit catalog. You don’t want to miss out on the latest models in the market!

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