Key settings for email signature management in Microsoft Office 365

Entrepreneurs understand the importance of presenting a sustainable and professional image. Part of the business e-mails contains a modern and unique e-mail signature. Email signatures are an effective way to identify every message you send to customers, prospects, and suppliers. A consistent and logical email signature leaves an unforgettable impression and helps to create long-term trust and recognition of your brand. All email signature messages must accurately reflect current information about your business environment (eg company address, logo, legal description, etc.) and each individual is responsible for providing accurate contact information. Fortunately, many tools allow you to ensure that your corporate email signatures in Microsoft 365 are accurate and consistent for all employees, including outlook signature generator, an efficient and modern tool for quickly creating and managing your business email signatures that you can create following the style of your brand, which will help you develop your brand and convey valuable information to your business partners and regular (as well as potential) customers. However, the process of managing email signatures in your business can be difficult without the help of modern technologies, including the Microsoft 365 Email Signature Management Solution. This effective tool allows you to create a unique email signature and an organizational disclaimer system, but this may not be enough. 

Solutions for effective management of email signature #1. Sigstr

Sigstr is a premium tool for managing email signatures and conducting various effective marketing activities to promote your business’s products. It was recently acquired by Terminus, a leading provider of invoice-based marketing software. It is a powerful tool with many key personalization options. Dynamically change the email signature subject that recipients see. For example, you can set it to display a specific email signature with information about an upcoming webinar when sending an email to potential customers of your business. Or, when sending an email to your customers, you can add the latest promotions in the email signature. Sigstr offers different levels of email signature service for an email management system: basic, medium, advanced, and powerful enterprise level. Each level includes several useful features that are needed to run effective marketing campaigns. This tool is ideal for small business owners who are less tech-savvy and need personal help to guide them through the various stages of implementing a particular marketing campaign strategy. The entry level includes useful analytics tools such as running multiple marketing campaigns in real-time, click reports, sharing data with CRM platforms, and marketing automation. The advanced level of Sigstr includes all the features of the basic level, as well as convenient integration with other platforms such as Salesforce CRM and other tools in areas such as marketing and sales. Sigstr’s most powerful tier includes all the advanced features of the previous tier, plus multi-site setup, SAML single sign-on, and more. Sigstr works heavily with HR systems that support thousands of employees from many business environments, and its software works with several email programs, including Outlook, Office 365, Gmail, and iOS. Their systems work with multiple devices. Sigstr provides the highest level of security and has received a valid SOC 2 Type II certificate. Sigstr offers free templates and actively works with individual companies to negotiate pricing. Pricing is currently not listed on the website, but the final price is determined by management during project-specific discussions. Sigstr is a powerful marketing tool.

Solutions for effective management of email signature #2. Crossware

Crossware allows small business owners to create and maintain useful and targeted content, as well as create and send relevant and personalized emails with creative, unique email signatures. There is compatibility with many platforms, such as Office 365 and Microsoft Exchange. Currently, Office 365 software for creating unique email signature solutions is located in Microsoft data centers. This provides an additional level of security, as the software is used to create reliable email signatures that never pass through a third-party infrastructure. This full integration allows users to send signed emails. One of the key aspects of an email signature management system is that business owners send meaningful promotional messages to increase awareness of their key products and services. Like Sigstr, companies using this tool can personalize ads based on sender and/or recipient information. A thoughtful email signature has flexible features and profitable marketing opportunities that give senders full creative control, for example, as a business owner, you can quickly create an email signature based on an email template from scratch. This software also allows companies to set content permissions so that only certain users are responsible for creating and maintaining authored and promotional content, read more about Microsoft 365 Email Signature Management Solution to learn about the benefits of creating thoughtful email signatures and find out what impact they have on the development of your business environment.

Solutions for effective management of email signature #3. Exclaimer for Microsoft Office 365

The Exclaimer for Microsoft Office 365 email signature management system includes an easy-to-use web portal that allows multiple business environments to efficiently create their unique email signatures or use ready-to-use templates. The interface is designed for everyone, even those with little technical experience. During the design process, for example, you can add employee photos, email disclaimers, social media icons, and banner ads. Designers can also target marketing campaigns in email signatures based on key criteria such as departments, individual senders, and date ranges. Exclaimer for Microsoft Office 365 offers full integration with Office 365 contacts. This email signature management system is fully compatible with all types of devices (including mobile devices) and various mail programs. In addition, Exclaimer has a current ISO 27001:2013 certificate, which reflects the commitment to a high level of security and absolute control.

Solutions for effective management of email signature #4. CodeTwo

CodeTwo is a cloud-based, efficient tool that offers full email signature management capabilities in Office 365, managing users’ email through a central web service. The CodeTwo service offers users a simple setup. The integrated email signature template editor intuitively speeds up the process of creating creative email signatures and eliminates the need to create email signatures from scratch (although this is also an option). You can also use email signatures for marketing purposes and track results in the CodeTwo email signature template editor to promote marketing campaigns, and various important events and track results. You can also use client signature mode so that users can select the correct custom template when composing a message in Outlook. CodeTwo Office 365 email signatures are securely managed and supported and are developed and distributed under an ISO-certified management system. Emails are never stored or read, and OAuth 2.0 stores credentials. All four product lines offer an intuitive interface that makes it easy to create and manage professional email signatures.

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