Play Crazy Time on you mobile and watch live stream

Crazy Time game process

Crazy Time is an interactive gambling game made by Evolution Gaming. It appeared in 2020 and immediately became very popular among many users who love colorful online games. There is no demo version in Crazy Time website, the game is completely live, moreover, there is a live dealer that will please any player!

What is the Crazy Time game?

What does live play mean? This means that all players are playing at the same time, connected to the network and betting in real time.

The game consists of 54 segments that each player can bet on. Among the segments, there are also bonus segments that can bring much more winnings.

The different mini-games available in casino app download for Crazy Time, including the bonuses, which have different multipliers:

  • Crazy Time pachinko with randomly drawn multipliers;
  • Cash Hunt which allows you to multiply winnings up to 100 times;
  • the Coin Flip, a multiplier is awarded to heads or tails;
  • the special Crazy Time roulette with many bonuses to be won.

How does Crazy Time work? When Crazy Time was released, it became an instant hit. And the wheel of fortune has become a household name, although it is quite simple to use. All you have to do is place bets on the segments of the wheel and then wait for the wheel to stop and find out the outcome of the win.

The game also offers the Crazy Time live casino game Live format. The meaning is the same as in the usual wheel of fortune – you need to place bets and watch how the wheel spins. The only difference is that the live game allows you to play live dealer as well as in real time. The live wheel has 4 classic bets, as well as 4 features, including a win multiplier that appears randomly. So if you play strategically, you can win up to 25,000x, which will net you a decent amount after your initial bets at Crazy Time live casino game show.

Crazy Time App live: Watch online stream on our website

When you load the Crazy Time casino apk game on your online casino, you directly access a live broadcast by a presenter who has the role of croupier. This one also has the task of activating the wheel of fortune which is at its side to perform many completely random turns. This game therefore takes on the appearance of a TV show in the studio and takes place in a crazy atmosphere!


The interface of Crazy Time casino app download online is very colorful and allows you to have a pleasant gaming experience at each session. You have 8 spaces dedicated to your possible bets at the bottom of the screen while the live chat is available at the top left. As for the wheel of fortune, it consists of 54 segments which refer to the 8 possibilities offered by the bets.

You can play Crazy Time in streaming, or even watch online streaming, being connected from an online casino host. This game has no demo versions, so to keep the opportunity to win up to 25.000x your stake, you should play it online or watch other people play it in a live streaming. It is a captivating game, which has a lot of opportunities to win. Start to watch Crazy Time stream, you will discover all the fun of this game with its spinning Crazy Time bonus wheel, which doesn’t stop to turn and to bring new opportunities to win big money!


Play Crazy Time evolution gaming live game uses HTML5 technology and requires no download from you. If you think about a Crazy Time where to play, you don’t need to search for a perfect location – play it whenever you want at every place you want! You can therefore play it both on the mobile casino in Crazy Time free casino mode and on a classic computer!

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