Spanish quotes for tattoos, making your inking special.

Spanish quotes for a tattoo

If you are keen to get permanent ink done on your body well, then you must know that it’s an art. It is going to stay with you forever. If you are here to get yourself some good Spanish quotes for a tattoo that would have in-depth meaning and looks classy too then you won’t be disappointed. A tattoo has become a common trend these days. There are so many stores with great artists that you won’t run out of options. However, to get a unique tattoo, you need to do some brainstorming. It will be a normal part of your daily life so why not just make it meaningful?

Even if tattoos have become a trend these days but it has been in existence for over a decade now. Inc the cultures of tribes and Asians, tattoos hold a meaning. If you are fascinated about this concept and want to get it on your body, here are some Spanish quotes for a tattoo. Some people get tattoos to engrave the meaning and struggle they have faced in life. Some wishes to honor their loved ones while some want to stick to their roots. There are many cute ideas that you can consider especially if you are engraving a Spanish tattoo. Here are some of the smartest options that can help you express your deep values and thoughts

The language of love

Spanish quotes for a tattoo

‘Amor’ is the word that people in Spanish use for ‘love. You can create a tattoo dedicated to your loved ones with this word and blend it with options. You can pair its word with love quotes and add colorful red roses. It looks more appearing on the upper arm and chest. You can even create a glimpse as if the quote is wrapped in the ribbon around your hand. Those with recent heartbreak can ink the testimony with such a quote. People often inscribe it on the ankle. You can even consider inking the lessons you have learned from your relationship or how you connect with your partner.

Es tan corto el amor y es tan largo el olvido.

Meaning-To fall in love may not take much time but forgetting it can always take a lifetime. Nobel laureate and Chilean poet Pablo Neruda wrote this quote. His love for quotes and poems is evident in the books he wrote. He has the knack for even making a lost love sound enticing. This quote is from his poem Puedo escribir los versos más tristes esta noche.

Te amo más que a mi propia piel

Meaning- This quote means I love you more than I love myself. This quote is Frida Kahlo’s inspiration. She is a Mexican painter and a well-known artist. The painter shared a steamy relationship with her partner, Diego Rivera. Diego Rivera is a muralist and was as vivid and passionate as Frida Kahlo.

Te quiero con toda mi alma.

Te Quiero

Meaning- This quote means I love you with all my heart. It is similar to the previous. This saying is an expression that couples often use to express their commitment to each other. It is the best quote to use when in love with someone and express how you feel about that person.

Tu eres mi sol

Meaning- “You are like my sunrays that bring light into my life. This is part of a popular love song composed by Alex Campos called Ere’s mi sol. The singer even won the Grammy Award for the same.

Spanish tattoo ideas that hold hidden meaning

Some unique quotes in Spanish have few words but hold a strong meaning. Here are some of the finest ones you can consider:

Sigue a tu corazón.

It is a simple idea that sets a perfect example of how carefully a person can choose words. Its massage showcases that meaning that has a heart. Further, it metaphorically means a desire. To be precise, it simply means you can listen to your heart.

Que será, sera

It is another tattoo quote in Spanish that is concise and philosophical. If you have heard Doris Day’s song Que Será Será, you would easily recognize this song. It simply means that what is going to happen will happen. The quote speaks about the destiny and positivity one needs to hold throughout.

No puede llover para siempre.

Choose in-depth yet inspirational tattoos for which such a Spanish quote can be good. There are some difficult times that everyone goes through once in their life. This quote is simply a typical response to a person’s struggle. It means that it will not always rain. It has a metaphoric meaning that highlights the importance of perseverance. 

Sages and rebels

Spanish quotes are not just known for love phases but also for revolutionaries and sages who have left their mark. There are some immortal words that protestors often use. If you seek to ink some wise words that Spanish speakers often use, then here are some wild ones to try out.

Preferiero morir de pie que vivir siempre arrodillado.

Meaning: I would prefer death over bending on my knees in front of someone. This quote is from the Spanish Republican Civil War heroine Dolores Ibárruri Gómez. She was a powerful speaker who often used the declaration term “no pasarán,” which means it will not pass.

Sed realistas, pedid lo imposible

Meaning: This quote simply means to set realistic expectations and demand things that are not easy to achieve. This revolutionary quote is inspired by Argentine Marxist rebel Ernesto “. Early leaders of the Cuban revolution were Argentine Marxists.

Spanish quotes for a tattoo
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Some short words of wisdom to use

Cada Dia

This single word simply means to gather an emotion, a moment, or an aspiration to understand its value. This tattoo can serve as a daily reminder of the better vision that an individual has gained from experience. This may seem like a short word, but it has a brief meaning. It is compact, and you can ink it at the back of the back or even on the finger side. Other than this, you can even consider some unique words, like

  • Destino: Destiny
  • Serendipia: Serendipity
  • Para siempre: Forever
  • Sigue a tu corazón: Follow your heart.
  • Vivir: To live
  • Felicidad: Happiness
  • Vida mágica: “Magic life”

Smart tips when inscribing a Spanish quotes for tattoo

To inscribe a Spanish tattoo, focus on details like diacritics. You need to make sure it sounds right and is grammatically correct. A single accent mark missed will change the whole meaning of the quote. There are also a few words that may seem the same but have different meanings, and if you put diacritics in them, they would have a completely different name.


Q: What are Spanish tattoo quotes?

A: Spanish tattoo quotes are phrases or sayings in the Spanish language that are commonly used as tattoo designs.

Q: What are some popular Spanish tattoo quotes?

A: Some popular Spanish tattoo quotes include “Vive la vida loca” (live the crazy life), “Mi vida loca” (my crazy life), and “Amor eterno” (eternal love).

Q: What should I consider before getting a Spanish tattoo quote?

A: Before getting a Spanish tattoo quote, you should consider the meaning of the phrase, whether it accurately represents you and your values, and whether it is grammatically correct.

Q: Where should I go to get a Spanish tattoo quote?

A: You should go to a reputable tattoo artist who is experienced in creating text tattoos and has a portfolio that showcases their work.

Q: What are some things to keep in mind when getting a Spanish tattoo quote?

A: Some things to keep in mind when getting a Spanish tattoo quote include proper aftercare, avoiding sun exposure while the tattoo heals, and being aware of any cultural implications of the phrase.



Whether you want to dedicate the message of life, love, family, or ambition, the above ideas of Spanish quotes tattoos are worth the try. Depending on the concept and length of a tattoo, you will have to pay accordingly. However, have the right tattoo artists for better results. When choosing good artists, consider their experience, the overall place where he practices his profession, and the quality of the needle and ink that he uses. Once you are all set to get the cool Spanish quotes for tattoos, meet the artists first and understand if the person can justify your imagination through inking your body.

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