Stacked Monitors vs Ultrawide for Graphic Design: Which is the Best?

If you were put up to the debate, which would you go for? Would you rather have a very wide screen in front of you or have two computers stacked on top of each other? This is where we will discuss the ultimate showdown between the ultrawide computer and the Geminos stacked monitors to see which of the two is better for you as a graphic designer.

Follow through to the end, because we’ll be discussing different elements to see what computer finished with the highest score. Are you ready? Let’s get into it. 

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The functionality is about how useful it is for the task at hand. 

The Ultrawide computer is as wide as two computers merged side-by-side with each other. That means you have twice the space you’d have with a regular computer. Not only will you be able to do more, but you can also see your work more clearly. You might also be able to multitask by setting up your windows side-by-side. But this will be a manual effort. 

When it comes to the stacked monitors, you also have two screens. But this time, it is placed on top of each other and not side by side. The computer is also designed to be two and not one. Therefore, you don’t have to manually divide your work for multi-tasking. It would be automatically divided for you. 

Verdict: Stacked Monitor wins.

Ergonomic Benefits

This relates to the comfort of working with the computer, especially in terms of posture and balance. 

The Ultrawide computer is so wide that you have to constantly turn your head and eye from one side to the other. On a normal desktop computer, this already causes neck strain. Now that the computer is twice as wide, it might not be a very comfortable position for graphic designers who need to view all details at once. 

Unlike the ultrawide computer, stacked computers do not need you to look from one side to the other. It is also different from a vertical monitor which can prove to be too tall. The stacked monitor can be folded so that it looks like you have a tab and a normal-sized computer on top. This is not only more convenient, but it erases neck and eye strain. 

Verdict: Stacked Monitors Win. 


It is important to have a clutter-free workspace. Not only is this very crucial for everyone, but graphic designers are more productive when the space around them is not cluttered or clogged up.

The Ultrawide monitor is so wide that it takes up more space on the table. However, it is less cluttering than the dual monitors which store up more cables and monitor stands. The ultrawide computer is just one computer with a single stand. This makes the table look clearer and less cluttered. 

However, the wideness of the computer could still look crowded for a few people. Stacked monitors, on the other hand, are not as wide and don’t take up much space. Yet this is not a clear win for stacked monitors because, for some users, the ultrawide computer is not as space-clinging. 

Verdict: Draw


The final element for the debate is how efficient the computer is. This has to do with the level of use the computer has and how effective it is for graphic designers. This element differs from ‘functionality’ in that functionality is a measure of how productive the computer is for graphic designers while effectiveness is how much graphic designers benefit from the computer’s functionality. 

The computers are very functional. The wideness of the ultrawide monitor, for instance, makes the graphic designer view the screen more clearly. But most graphic designers work on more portrait and square dimensions than landscape. This means that the dimensions of the ultrawide computer are not necessary for a graphic designer. It is much better to work with a computer that has the dimension you need – which is the stacked monitor.  

Verdict: Stacked Monitors win


So which of these two computers is the best for graphic design? Stacked monitors are better when it comes to the computer’s functionality for the user. In the same way, stacked monitors won when it came to the ergonomic benefits. Though both computers are great when it comes to space and elimination of clutter, you’ll get a better deal with Mobile Pixels Geminos stacked monitors at the end of the day for your design.

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