The Best Websites To Learn Coding

Programming is one of the most popular career choices in the 21st century. As we progress further and further into the digital age, the demand for skilled and experienced programmers is rising exponentially. Programming lies at the heart of any & all digital & IT infrastructure, and has become near-ubiquitous. 

Whether you are looking to kickstart your programming career, boost your coding skills or take things to the next level, one of the best strategies is to enrol with leading online coding platforms. They provide the perfect environment for elevating skills and ideas. 

Here are some of the best websites for students to learn & master coding. 

Why & How Online Coding Platforms Are Great?

Coding tests various cognitive skills, including reasoning, perception, sustained attention, mathematical, problem-solving, and time management skills. Ensuring optimal engagement of all the above skills requires diligent & intelligent hard work on the coder’s part and the right kind of guidance. 

Renowned online coding platforms are some of the best places to get world-class guidance. They provide:

  • Curated problem sets tailored to the skills and expertise of a programmer;
  • Communities of coders ready to help any time;
  • Solutions and algorithms with clear explanations
  • Different kinds of coding competitions;
  • Personalized guidance from experts; 
  • Questions and solutions from interviews of top technology companies; 

.. and much, much more

Whether you are preparing for an interview or looking to design your standard deviation & simplification calculator, online coding websites are some of the best places to seek assistance in every aspect of programming.

Below is a list of the most popular and reputed online coding platforms. 

The Best Websites To Learn & Master Coding

Before we begin, do note that each website is different in terms of features and amenities provided. Some are giant online information repositories, while others focus primarily on competitive programming and interview sets. Yet again, some are more suitable for beginners, while others target skilled and experienced coders. 

But, despite all differences and nuances, each website offers numerous benefits to anyone looking to become a better coder. If you have the brains and the motivation, then take on the coding challenges & competitions of the following websites. 

  • Coding Dojo

A subsidiary of the Colorado Technical University, Coding Dojo is a multi-purpose coding website with many amazing features. Whether you want to build your skills or prepare for an interview, this platform has something for all. 

Coding Dojo claims to be the only website whose patrons have gone on to crack interviews and landed high-paying jobs in some of the biggest tech companies worldwide, including Google, Facebook, Apple, Amazon, etc. 

The website offers an array of well-structured and expertly curated coding boot camps on the most trending aspects of computer science & engineering. Start your career in data science, big data analytics, software engineering & development, DevOps, UX/UI design, cybersecurity, and more. Elevate your coding abilities and ideas of C, C++, Java, Python, R, Scala, Go, Ruby, HTML/CSS/JavaScript with Coding Dojo’s exceptional boot camps and exceptional expert support. 

Join the experts of Coding Dojo in your journey towards programming mastery, and you will no longer need any programming assignment help. 


This, right here, is a 15-year-old academic service provider with a global reach and stellar reputation. MyAssignmenthelp is a reputed name in the online academic writing industry and, as evident from their website, offers awesome student-centric services & perks. 

Pay a visit to their website, and you will find that they claim to provide top-notch programming assignment help services by MyAssignmenthelp for almost every programming language & branch of computer science and engineering. We also claims to work with genuine subject matter experts with top-notch qualifications from some of the world’s biggest universities like the Australian National University, University of Texas (Austin), UC Berkeley, the Indian Institutes of Technology, etc. 

The overall quality of their onsite sample solutions, blogs, and guides is quite good. Their rates, offers, and perks are also quite attractive. Reviews and ratings on third-party websites are substantially positive. And the very fact that these guys have been around for more than 15 years is another major reason for choosing them as your guide. 

If you wish to work with them, be sure to ask their customer support services about anything & everything, from offers & rates to deliveries and revisions. Also, be sure to mention all your requirements in detail. 

  • FreeCodeCamp

FreeCodeCamp is a non-profit coding platform with some of the largest collections of free tutorials on coding languages and several other subjects in the domain. They also have a YouTube channel where their experts provide numerous long-form video content on various topics and subjects. 

Besides the plethora of content, you will find different kinds of write-ups such as blogs, articles, guides, curated study materials, practice questions, problem sets, and much more. Besides all the free stuff, FreeCodeCamp also provides top-tier verified certifications on a plethora of topics & subjects such as web designing, machine learning, data structures & algorithms, API & microservices, hardware & networking, every major programming language, & much more.

Please pay a visit to their website and get in touch with their customer support teams to learn more. 

  • HackerRank

An excellent way to boost your coding skills and ideas is to put them to the test. And, HackerRank is the best website to put your programming skills & abilities to the test. Numerous competitions, crash courses & boot camps, practice problem sets segregated by difficulty, a giant community of coders, study materials, etc., have made HackerRank immensely popular among newbies and professionals. 

HackerRank claims to be the best place to prepare for your technical interviews. The website is a favourite haunt for companies looking to hire quality talent and the choice for hundreds of thousands looking to boost their proficiency. 

  • GeeksForGeeks

The last entry in our list is GeeksForGeeks, another excellent coding platform with a gamut of both free & paid resources. GeeksForGeeks is a favourite among scores of aspiring coders, thanks to the different kinds of content on nearly every programming language and computer science application.

You will find well-written and in-depth articles, practice problem sets, quizzes, interview questions, and loads of other content on nearly every technical topic under the Sun. If you are starting with coding, GeeksForGeeks is truly the complete package. Not only will you find free resources, but if you enrol for their premium packages, you can access numerous instructor-led courses and participate in coding competitions of different levels. 

And that about wraps up this write-up. Hope it was informative and insightful read for one & all.

Author-Bio: Alan Parks is a computer science engineer and a part-time subject matter expert with, a leading academic service provider.

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