The Joy of Celebrating Milestone Birthdays

Birthdays are the most joyous event in every individual’s life. You celebrate the day as a hallmark of getting a year older. It’s like an achievement of living through the year with all its ups and downs.

You must know that celebrating a milestone birthday is as important as living happily every day. Milestone birthdays are special and they frequently take the cake. Know the meaning, reason, and joyful ways to celebrate milestone birthdays.

What are Milestone Birthdays?

Milestone birthdays are the ones that depict that you have completed a certain age in your life. People celebrate your 1st birthday, 5th, 13th, 16th, 18th, 21st, and 30th birthdays as milestone birthdays.

A milestone is when you hit something important in history. Thus, when you turn a certain age you have hit a big door. You must celebrate the big days of your life. After you hit 30, the milestone birthdays come after every ten years.

Is celebrating a Milestone Birthday Important?

Yes! Indeed it is important to celebrate your milestone birthday. The joy of celebrating the first birthday is tremendous. In the same way, when your dear ones turn older it is necessary to celebrate their existence.

Just like the joy of celebrating the firstborn day of your child or nephew, celebrating the other years of hitting a toddler’s days or turning an adult from a teenager is unmeasurable. Following are the reasons for celebrating milestone birthdays.

  • To celebrate the beginning of your life
  • Appreciating your presence is important
  • Running towards the new doors which are opened to mercies
  • A new start and doing something you have never done before
  • To cherish the good old days and feel excited for better days ahead

Milestone Birthdays That are Celebrated

The joy of celebrating a milestone birthday is unmeasurable. You cannot stop yourself from not doing extra. Here is a different age that is celebrated and marked as a milestone birthday.

1st Birthday: Celebrating New Beginnings

All the near and dear ones are also filled with joy to celebrate the 1 year of a child. A baby does not remember their first birthday but the feelings that their deals ones feel are impeccable.


5th Birthday: No More a Baby

Once a baby turns five, they start interacting and walking. 5th birthday is considered a milestone because a baby keeps their step in a new phase of life.

13th Birthday: Hello Teenage

Entering the teenager is a special thing. It is important to celebrate 13 as the child is stepping into a new form of their life. They will see the difference around themselves as well as mark a difference in their own behavior. 

16th Birthday: Sweet 16 Teenage Days

It is important to celebrate the 16th birthday because teenagers majorly graduate and step into college. It is a new journey in their life that they are going to start.

18th Birthday: Welcome to the Adulthood

18th birthday is the last teenage birthday before they enter adulthood. It is the ending of teenage life and starting of adulthood which comes with a lot of responsibilities.


21st Birthday: Enthralling Year of the Life

Starting adult life with new goals and achieving the best that you can is what 21st is all about. People must celebrate themselves when they turn 21st. It is the most important special phase of life that is marked as a milestone.

30th Birthday: Grieving the Youth

You celebrate when you hit a milestone. Turning 30 is also similar to hitting a milestone and achieving something special. People start their new journey by starting new things and hitting up the best that they can.

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Ways to Celebrate Milestone Birthdays

In the way, while you age and turn old you must celebrate your birthday in a unique way. And, to make your work simpler we have listed out some of the best ways to celebrate milestone birthdays.

  • After you hit 18, you can take a trip with your friends and plan a wonderful way to celebrate the end of teenage
  • While turning 21, you can throw a grand party and invite everyone to celebrate with you
  • Try new things that you have never done before and check them off your checklist
  • The best way could be to celebrate with your friends and family and plan a nice brunch or dinner in a fancy restaurant
  • You can also give something to charity on your birthday to make it memorable and do something for other people. It is appreciated a lot by others and you get good wishes

To Sum Up!

The joy of celebrating a milestone birthday is special and unique. It is not only about appreciating all the bonds you have but more about celebrating the new phase of your life. All the things may bring lots of joy or fear, different turnings, and wake-up calls but everything that you experience along the road will be magical.

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