The role of new dungeons in World of Warcraft and all raids

In every MMO RPG, players try to power up their hero as much as possible in order to achieve at least a minimal advantage over their opponents in order to drastically increase their chances of winning in PVP and PVE.

Raids help players get the best gear, weapons, and accessories available in WoW at the moment, and often the only one when it comes to the highest quality Legendary gear.

Raids and updates World of Warcraft

Players will quickly encounter raids as part of their leveling, because, according to the developers, this is an excellent tool for uniting players for complex tasks, leveling together – killing raid bosses always gives a lot of experience and of course a source of valuable rewards worth competing for. Of course, you don’t have a chance that you will get a valuable trophy, but these are such useful things that it’s worth the risk to get them.


Each new update always brings new raids to World of Warcraft, which should be studied immediately for two reasons:

  1. These are always new improved rewards and sets for players that will help to significantly strengthen the hero, or which can be sold for a high price while the server has not yet received saturation with accessories.
  2. This is always an interesting challenge, which, by the way, is not always immediately submitted to everyone – sometimes game developers cannot take into account all the nuances and players fight against the deaf defense of 8 bosses until the balance is equalized, which in general also adds value to raids, since the uniqueness of trophies and their no one canceled the power.

The first raid in the Dragonflight update was Aberrus, in which players had to protect the secret laboratory from the invasion of dragons and prevent them from getting information that could change the course of time on Azeroth.

Gradually, the developers began to add the next raid, as it always happens during the release of major updates – this was the case in Shadowlands and the tradition continues in Dragonflight.

The next raid will be called Dawn Of The Infinite, and here is what we know about it at the moment.

Dawn Of The Infinite

Despite the fact that Dawn Of The Infinite is very similar to the raid and has similar concepts – this is not entirely true.

The developers at Blizzard have returned to the concept of releasing a 5-player mega-raid, which considers a Mythic dungeon in terms of difficulty and value of rewards.

You will encounter 8 different bosses that are closely related to dragons, various magical creatures and the sands of time, whose mysteries will be entangled in the history of the entire megadungeon.


The first boss you will face is a fighter of the dragon army, who later rose to the rank of commander and is considered an impeccable leader who calls for the subjugation of all creatures under his command.

According to preliminary information, he does not have a retinue and will be the first major boss that you will have to fight along with 4 other players.

Manifested paths of time

An ancient being who is the very essence of time and matter, who is biding his time to challenge all unwanted visitors who want to change his course.

Last time, he could not stop the dragon invasion, and they intervened in the course of time and were able to gain a foothold in it, but now the boss does not intend to repeat his mistakes in the future.

Mor of Galakrond

These are the bodies of the ancient dragons that once inhabited Azeroth, who have been brought back to life with the help of dark magic.

They appear on the surface in the form of three dragons commanding the elements of storm, fire and ice and will begin to attack the enemy group that dared to challenge them.

Iridicron stone scaly

One of the most powerful representatives of earth magic that has ever been on Azeroth.

An ancient evil that has joined forces with the ancients for the sake of only known goals, and a group of players will have to stop this formidable opponent.

Tyr, the Infinite Guardian

This is a representative of the titans who has joined forces with the primordial dragons and despite his allegiance to the oath of higher beings, now his power is turned against the invading players who have no other choice but to engage him in battle.


An alternate form of the being named Chromie. The change in the direction of time gave her a new life and the ability to exist in a new body – the task of the players is to stop the new form of their opponent and return the event to the usual course of things in time.

Timeless battlefield

This is a unique dungeon stage in which players can watch and take part in a recreated battle between horde and alliance warriors that takes place in the world of Azeroth from time immemorial, players will fight with all opponents to end the anomaly, until they finally face Grommash Hellscream – one of the most powerful and famous leaders of the horde that has ever existed. Only by defeating him and all the minions can you advance further.

Time Lord Deios

The last and most important boss in the entire campaign will be Deios – the lord of time and an ancient dragon. The boss will seek to revive the ancient power of the dragons, and players will have to prevent him from succeeding in order to complete the mega dungeon and receive the most valuable rewards that come with it.


Developers at Blizzard are looking to add new, or well-forgotten old concepts of game mechanics that are distinct from standard raids in favor of really interesting and challenging time zones.

All raids except Mythic raids quickly fall into a routine, because they are simple, quickly completed, and even serious mistakes can rarely lead to the failure of the entire campaign.

In mythic and megadungeons, everything is different – the most powerful and interesting opponents are collected here, and their appearance in the location is explained by the history of Azeroth itself. Losing here is as easy as shelling pears – it is enough not to react to a special attack in time, or the call of a retinue, in order to get defeated and the unsuccessful completion of all efforts.

Mega Dungeons are designed for 5 players, which greatly simplifies the formation of a group and reduces the likelihood of dropping trophies outside of its main members.

Combat personnel can always be recruited from friends or guilds and agree on the selection of trophies according to the principle of need for the class – after all, part of the award becomes nominal after receiving and transfer, or it just won’t work to sell it.

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