The Science of Posting Times: When to Share Content on Social Media

To stay engaged with our audience on Social Media, we keep posting new and better content always. But if that content is not performing just the way it should consider evaluating your posting times on Social Media. Each Social Media platform has its own perfect time when its users are most active. And it could be best for all those social media influencers and storekeepers to publish during such time frames. But how many of us have any idea of such posting times? That’s why we are here. 

In this smart piece of information, you will understand perfect posting times on several social media platforms like LinkedIn, YouTube, Instagram, Facebook, etc. 

So, let’s not waste the time and start our today’s topic!

General Posting Times on Various Social Media Platforms:

After digging the internet taking help from famous Digital Marketers and social media experts, we have gathered real-time data for content posting on Social Media places. 

These times are usually the ones when your social media audience is more engaged and using those platforms to browse the feed and more. Find the related information in the below table:

Social Media Platform Right Posting Time
YouTube 6 PM to 9 PM
Facebook Mostly at 10 AM
Instagram From 9 AM To 10 AM
TikTok Mostly at 1 PM
Twitter 9 AM is the perfect time
LinkedIn 1 PM to 3 PM


However, besides the data represented in the table, people are mostly active on Social Media Places on Weekends. 

So they can easily see your posts in their account feed. This increases reach, enhances engagement, and helps you gain a more digital presence on that Specific Social Media Platform.

Which Days Are Perfect To Post Content For Social Media Platforms During the Week?

Other than realizing the times to publish content on our social media handles, considering the right day for a specific social media platform also matters. 

This way, I can decide when a significant number of people will be using either Instagram or Facebook so that I can create a post and engage with my audience.

The below table shows Social Media Platforms’ content publishing with respect to their specific days!

Social Media Place Days To Publish Content
YouTube Saturday is the best day to post
Facebook Friday and Saturday, Sunday is the worst
Instagram Don’t post ever on Mondays. Choose Saturday
LinkedIn Post on Mondays, Tuesdays and Wednesday
Twitter Friday is the best day to post on Twitter
TikTok Consider Posting on Saturdays and Sundays on TikTok and also include Friday if you are posting for a B2B audience.


Imagine yourself as a growing Twitch player, and you are seeing slower growth of your YouTube channel. 

This might be due to publishing content at the wrong times and wrong days.

To increase your Twitch followers‘ likes and build a comprehensive community, you can share content on YouTube on Mentioned times and days. 

Along with YouTube, you can also post and engage with your Twitch fans across various social media platforms if you consider posting on the above-mentioned days and times.

Some Useful Benefits of Posting Content At the Right Times and on the Right Days on Social Media

Social media is all about building a strong fan following, no matter what we are doing. 

Therefore, to increase our influencer profile, build brand awareness, and stay engaged with the audience, we have to practice the right posting times for our social media profiles. 

That’s because, with other digital marketing practices, keeping posting at the right time and day in your mind brings multiple benefits, as explained below.

High Engagement:

The first benefit your post receives is the highest level of engagement. 

Consider having 1000 people active from your followers, and you publish something at the right time. 

Not only those followers will find it in their feed. But they would be willing to engage.

Higher View Count:

If you have published a YouTube video between 6 PM to 9 PM on Saturday, you are likely to receive more view counts than videos being published at all other times. 

That’s because, according to estimation, your audience is more engaged and active on YouTube during this period.

More Impressions:

A number of impressions decide how our content is performing so far. Therefore, publishing engaging content at the right times and exact days will enhance your overall impression rate. 

You can find more people looking for the information you just have posted online. Moreover, they will be happy to interact.

More Conversions and Followers Gaining:

If you launch a new product on your Social Media Store on Instagram on Friday, between 9 and 10 am, more people will be willing to create a conversion. 

This improves your overall Click Rate and brings more conversions to your online business.

Moreover, you can gain multiple followers too if you practice high on publishing content during the mentioned time frames and days.

Final Wording:

Coming to a conclusion, it really matters that you publish content on your Social Media Profile when your users are most active. Currently, Meta has introduced a new feature in their Business Suit where you can actually find out when your people are most active and on what days. This helps you schedule your post on exact days and times, meeting the goals of bringing more prosperity to your online business. Also, soon you can find this similar feature on other Social Media Platforms as well!

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