Top Tips for Hosting a Game Night with Your Buddies

Game nights are a fun way to come together with your friends, chat, laugh, catch up on each others’ lives, and share an activity you love together. In decades gone by, a game night only really worked in person; while the game(s) you played may have been different, you had to be physically present to participate. 

That didn’t matter whether you were playing card games, board games, or video games. Without modern technology, you all had to cram yourselves into the same room and focus on the same TV or table. 

Today, however, hosting a game night with the guys or gals comes with many more options. With the internet, it’s possible to do almost all of the things associated with a game night from afar, including playing, chatting, and laughing. Not only is there no need to be in the same room, but you don’t even need to be in the same city, country, or continent. This makes it infinitely easier for friend groups to stick together, even after you’ve all moved away as life has progressed. 

Of course, in-person game nights are still incredibly popular. There’s nothing quite like bringing your pals together, even if you don’t get to do it very often any more. But no matter how you plan to host your next game night, here are some top tips to turn it into an epic event you’ll remember for years to come. 

Pick Your Games

Most game nights revolve around one or a couple of different titles. These might be card games, board games, video games, or even a combination thereof. But with so many different options, it’s important to spend some time deciding which ones are best suited for you and your friends. 

For example, if your buddies all love playing first person shooters, then games like Call of Duty or CS:GO are likely to be good options. However, these titles may not go down so well if your friends prefer strategy board games. 

And if you’re all fans of card games like poker, then there are many different variations. One of the most popular choices is Texas Hold’em due to its prevalence in online card rooms and major tournaments like the World Series of Poker. Additionally, there are lots of resources online that explain how to play Texas Hold’em, which many novice poker players take full advantage of. Therefore, this variant is likely a better choice than a more niche option like HORSE or Badugi since you won’t have to spend half your night explaining the rules. 

Creating the Right Environment

No matter whether you’re playing in person or you’re playing online, having the right environment to do it in is vital. 

If you’re inviting everyone to your home to play, it’ll be a good idea to tidy and clean up and make sure there’s enough room for everyone to sit down. You can go further, if you wish, by investing in some RGB lights to set the mood or even getting some decorations to create a theme. 

If you’re playing online, then it’ll be a little different. But it’s a good idea to have a server or other space where you can play together in private, unless you want to team up together to destroy strangers on the internet


For a remote games night, you’re only responsible for your own snacks, so you can just pick up some treats that you enjoy

However, if you’re gathering the guys or gals together to game, then you become responsible for many more stomachs than your own. Therefore, you should plan how you’ll keep your army of gamers gastronomically satisfied. 

This doesn’t necessarily mean you’ll have to pay for everyone to eat. Your planning might involve arranging for everyone to bring a snack or for everyone to chip in for a pizza delivery. You also won’t want to forget the drinks; you can, again, invite others to bring their own or simply stock up your fridge. 

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