Tracking Someone’s Location with Phone Number – What GPS Phone Tracker to Pick?

This article is a short overview of the top 5 most trustworthy spying apps available on the market to help you pick the best mobile phone tracker location for yourself. Today, we will talk about their features, compare prices, and highlight the pros of each tool to make your decision easier. 

What Are the Main Ways to Track a Person’s Location? 

Whatever reason you have to track someone’s location – it might be parental control, concern about relatives’ safety, or even jealousy – we know that you need the location information to be precise. So, what are the main ways to track this data? Here are some of them:

  • Use the Google Maps Location tracker
  • Use live location tracker by mobile number
  • Use the third-party tracking app that needs installation on the tracked device
  • Use Find My (for iOS-based device users) 
  • Use Find My Device (for Android users) 

Top 5 Trustworthy Location Tracking Apps for Mobile Phone

Some of the free phone locator methods, like Google Maps, Find My, and Find My Device, are pretty obvious and well-known, while location monitoring by using a phone number or third-party spy apps is usually something new for the majority of users. It is a pity because those apps are life-savers when it comes to location tracking and usually include a list of different features that you might find useful. 

As promised, we prepared a list of the top 5 apps that you should take a closer look at today. 

1. Mobile Tracker Free – Partly Free App with Multiple Features

Mobile Tracker Free is a monitoring app that appeared on the market a while ago and is still considered to be one of the best solutions for location tracking. If you are looking for a mobile number tracker online free with location monitoring and additional features, this app might be one of the worthy choices for you.

Mobile Tracker Free is a great option if you are looking for a free or quite low-price app. The Limited offer of the tool (this offer includes ads inside the app) is free and includes basic features, the Basic offer is only $6 per month, and the Premium offer is $15 per month.

Features: Location Tracking, Photos and Messages Tracking, Remote Control, Live Viewing, File Manager, Device Application Checking, Website Control, Calendar, Calls, Contacts and SMS/MMS Tracking, and Analytics Tools.


  • Free basic features 
  • Easy installation
  • Easy tool to use
  • Positive user reviews

2. Spyic – Mobile Tracking App to Catch Your Wife on Cheating 

Spyic is not just a mobile GPS tracker. The tool was created for parental control and includes many features. This is a great help whenever you need to have full control over someone’s device. The information tracked will be available on the online dashboard, which is very user-friendly. 

The price and features available fully depend on the subscription plan you pick. Hurry up, as now you can get a special promotion: Basic subscription is $39.99/monthly, Premium subscription is $9.99/monthly, and Family subscription is $69.99/monthly. 

Features: SMS and Call tracking, Location tracking, Geofence alert, Social Media tracking, Stealth mode, Website history tracking, and SIM location monitoring.


  • Various list of features 
  • Promotions available
  • User-friendly dashboard
  • Can be used as a parental control tool

3. GEOfinder – Location Tracking App with Only Phone Number Needed

GEOfinder is a special GPS phone tracker that allows its users to track other people by only knowing their phone numbers. The tool does not require installation and is unlimited after paying for the subscription – $39.99 per month. 

GEOfinder generates the GPS tracking link, which is going to be attached to the text message you will send to the targeted person. You will have access to their real-life location right after they click on the link.

Features: GPS location tracking, IP logger, WiFi tracker, VPN checking, Cell phone carrier lookup, SMS location. 


  • Location tracking by phone number 
  • Easy to use and anonymous
  • Doesn’t require installation
  • Compatible with all devices

4. mSpy – Phone Tracker That Could Help You Teach Your Wife a Lesson

mSpy is another parental control tool on our list, similar to Spyic phone tracking services. Again, everything that is great for kids monitoring is double great for the adult person tracking. You can use the app to its full potential and check the overview of all the internet activities that the targeted person has, including GPS location monitoring – if it’s your main goal. 

The price for all the features will be the same – no subscription plan varieties. The only thing that impacts the cost is whether it’s a short or long-term subscription:  1 month – $48.99, 3 months – $28/month, and 12 months – $11.67/month.

Features: Access to the Admin Dashboard, SMS and Call log tracking, GPS location tracking, Web Browser history monitoring, Keylogger function, Access to the photo and video viewing tool, and Social Media monitoring.


  • Compatible with multiple devices
  • Seamless monitoring
  • Jailbreak/rooting ensures extensive features
  • Huge discount for the annual subscription
  • Real-time monitoring

5. SpyBubble – Spy App to Look into All Your Wife’s Online Activity 

SpyBubble is an app that specializes in the partners’ tracking and cheaters’ monitoring. If your goal is to catch your wife or husband being unfaithful, this tool is the best choice. Apart from location tracking, you will be able to check calls, messages, WhatsApp chats, and other social media chats. The only thing you should be worrying about is everything you might find on your partner’s phone. 

Subscription plans are full packs, available for 1 month – $42.49, 3 months – $25.49/month, and 12 months – $10.62/month.

Features: Calls and SMS tracking, Location tracking, Social Media monitoring, Stealth mode, Website history tracking, SIM location tracking.


  • Fast installation

  • Real-time tracking

  • Access to deleted data

  • Reporting via screenshots

  • 24/7 live chat support

What Is This GPS Tracker Ranking Based on?

The ranking that we presented to you today is not a subjective opinion of our reduction. Before putting the list of apps together, we had to go through users’ opinions and reviews, compare the market prices and lists of available features, and take into consideration the technical aspects of the tools. 


What would you do if you caught your wife lying about her location?

Lying about the current location is not necessarily a negative sign and is an immediate confirmation of cheating. The lying part, though, is something that should be addressed. Try to talk to your partner and ask her to come clean about this situation. Based on her reaction, you will clearly see if any additional steps or monitoring should be done to get to the bottom of it. 

What information will be visible when I use a GPS tracker app?

If the app is focused only on GPS location tracking, you will be able to see the past and current location of the monitored person on it (via, Find My, etc.). Phone trackers that require installation will provide you with all types of information from the targeted dive, such as social media monitoring, history of whereabouts,  browser history, etc.

Can I track someone’s location on an iPhone?

iPhones, like any mobile phone, could be tracked. The only thing that this method would require is the knowledge of the Apple credentials that you would need to use to log into the monitoring app. 

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