Understanding Return to Player (RTP) in Online Slots

In the gaming industry, return to player (RTP) is an abbreviation commonly associated with online casino games like Kingdom of Cash slot. It’s an important factor affecting a gambler’s long-term success, as it influences their ability to make informed decisions.

That is, only if they can use it to their advantage. Please keep reading to get an overview of RTP, how to figure it out, and how it influences various casino games.

What Does “RTP” Mean?

Return to Player is an abbreviation for “Return to Player,” as you would have guessed. In a nutshell, the RTP is the total of all your future winnings from the casino.

The game provider determines the payout percentage, contrary to popular belief among players. Because it indicates the return on your total bet at the casino, the RTP is displayed as a percentage lower than 100%.

The Return to Player (RTP) reveals the theoretical return to each player. This is because the true RTP differs from the theoretical RTP.

The first one depicts, as one might expect, the potential winnings from the game. The second keeps score of how much money the game gives out. There may be some variation in these.

The intriguing part is that the more time they put into the game, the closer they will get to each number. Here we reach the meat of the definition, determining RTP percentages.

How Can You Calculate RTP?

Return to Player percentages is easy to calculate, despite the technical-sounding nature of the word and the formulas used to determine it. Because the method is always the same and easy to remember, this is the case.

Return to Player (RTP) is calculated by dividing the entire payout by the total stake.

Remember that RTP can’t be determined from just a dozen or a hundred outcomes. This is because such a small sample size cannot offer reliable data. Long-term returns are the only thing that RTP considers.

Millions of simulated wagers also determine the RTP numbers you’ll discover online.

When thousands of gamblers play a game over several years, the RTP indicates the game’s long-term payback potential.

One of the most common misunderstandings among individuals who frequent casinos, this is especially true of those who play slot machines and video poker.

Players assume that if a game’s RTP has been significantly lower than advertised, it will eventually begin paying out at a rate more in line with its advertised RTP. This is never the case, however.

The RTP will inevitably converge on the theoretical average throughout millions of spins. However, the rate at which this occurs must be higher for human observation.

It will show up as an increase in the number of players’ wins rather than a rise in the number of players who win a lot. The rules of probability dictate that this must be the case.

Slot Machines’ Return to Player

Return to player is most commonly associated with slot games. This is because the pace of these games far exceeds that of any other casino game.

If you play slots instead of table games like roulette or blackjack, you can count on losing your money far more quickly.

Therefore, the RTP values for slots are lower than those for both table games. Slot machine payout percentages are typically around 94%-97% on average.

Slot machine player payouts

However, these percentages can occasionally drop by a few notches, and a few machines have an RTP of more than 97%.

Low-variance slot machines have a high frequency of payouts in this sense. Jackpots, however, are rarely more than a few thousand dollars.


Slot machines with higher volatility have substantially fewer frequent payouts. However, when they do, the payouts can be truly life-altering.


We also need to talk about progressive slots. The return to player (RTP) in these slots may be much lower than in traditional machines. This is because the top payouts in progressive jackpot slots are large.


Many participants will walk away with little or little money from these games, but a lucky few will walk away with millions.

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