What Video Poker Game Is Best to Play?

The intersection of video gaming and poker has led to a variety of video poker games, each offering a distinct experience. These games blend the strategic depth of poker with the solitary play of electronic formats, appealing to those who seek a personalized gaming experience.

Understanding Video Poker Variants

Video poker stands out in the world of casino games for its blend of poker strategy and slot machine dynamics. Different video poker games offer varying levels of complexity and potential returns. One popular variant, Jacks or Better, is known for its straightforward rules and favorable odds. In Jacks or Better, players aim to build a hand with at least a pair of jacks to win. This game’s simplicity makes it an ideal starting point for beginners.

Another well-regarded variant is Deuces Wild. In this game, all twos act as wild cards, substituting for any other card to form winning combinations. This feature significantly increases the chances of forming strong hands, making Deuces Wild a game of frequent payouts. However, the paytable is adjusted to balance the game’s increased volatility.

Bonus Poker, a derivative of Jacks or Better, offers higher payouts for specific four-of-a-kind hands. While it maintains the basic structure of Jacks or Better, the enhanced rewards for certain hand combinations add an extra level of excitement. Players who enjoy chasing big wins may find Bonus Poker particularly appealing.

Evaluating Payouts and Odds

When selecting the best video poker game to play, understanding the payout structure is required. The paytable of a game directly impacts its return to player (RTP) percentage. Higher RTP games generally offer better long-term prospects for players. For instance, a full-pay Jacks or Better machine with a 9/6 paytable (9 coins for a full house and 6 for a flush) has an RTP of around 99.5%, making it one of the most player-friendly video poker games.

Conversely, games with lower paytables offer reduced RTPs, impacting the player’s potential profitability. Players should always compare the paytables of different machines and select the ones with the most favorable payouts.

Strategies for Winning

Successful video poker play involves more than luck; it requires skill and strategy. Basic strategy varies between games but generally involves making decisions that maximize the potential return of each hand. For example, in Jacks or Better, players might keep a low pair over a single high card, as the pair has a higher chance of leading to a win.

Advanced players often refer to strategy charts specific to each video poker variant. These charts guide players on which cards to hold and which to discard in various situations, based on mathematical probabilities.

Playing Video Poker Online

For those who prefer the convenience of online gaming, play online poker offers a seamless experience. Online platforms provide a wide range of video poker games, allowing players to explore different variants without the need to visit a physical casino. Online video poker also typically includes free play options, giving newcomers the opportunity to practice and refine their strategies without financial risk.

Moreover, online video poker games often feature higher RTPs compared to their land-based counterparts. This is due to lower overhead costs for online casinos, allowing them to offer more generous paytables.

Managing Your Bankroll

Effective bankroll management is essential for a sustainable and enjoyable video poker experience. Players should set a budget for their gaming sessions and stick to it, avoiding the temptation to chase losses. It’s advisable to choose a game that matches one’s bankroll, allowing for a reasonable number of plays. Betting maximum coins is often recommended, as this typically unlocks the highest payouts for rare hands like the royal flush.

Additionally, players should take advantage of casino bonuses and promotions, which can extend playtime and increase the chances of winning. However, it’s important to read and understand the terms and conditions associated with these offers.


Choosing the best video poker game to play depends on personal preferences, experience level, and risk tolerance. Beginners may favor the simplicity of Jacks or Better, while those seeking more dynamic play might opt for Deuces Wild or Bonus Poker. Understanding the paytables and mastering basic strategies significantly enhance winning prospects. Playing online offers the convenience of accessing a variety of games with potentially higher RTPs. Regardless of the chosen variant, responsible bankroll management remains a cornerstone of an enjoyable video poker experience.

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