Why Playing RPGs Is Good For Your Mind

Some people still consider video games just a sort of useless entertainment with no real applications, but the recent turn to gamification of many areas of our lives from education to finances is proving that this opinion is very outdated. Actually, video games have been proven to have many benefits.

RPGs (or role-playing games) are known to be particularly beneficial, even when we’re talking about a mix of action games with role-playing elements like in Tokyo Ghoul Dark War or similar games. These seemingly lighthearted attractions can be really good for several aspects of your intelligence or mental well-being. But how exactly can video games be useful for you?

RPGs improve problem solving skills

It has long become a common place that video games improve your problem solving skills and can be beneficial for your critical thinking and reasoning capabilities. The main reason behind it is that games set clear problems for you and allow you to interact with their environments and other players to solve them. This works especially well with children, and that’s why role-playing games are often used in the education industry. Solving interesting and realistic problems in games is more engaging, and children develop necessary skills more effectively with the game-oriented approach. Moreover, games are very effective in helping children learn how to use various devices and gadgets, and it can boost their early development.

RPGs boost your creativity

Good role-playing games don’t offer you simple solutions for every problem. On the contrary, you can choose or invent the most suitable way to solve just about any in-game problem by using its rules and limitations wisely. Moreover, you can actually participate in the process of game development: there is a wide variety of game editors online that can be used to create your own RPGs. You can invent your own worlds and apply any rules to create a truly unique game that can be enjoyed by others.

Of course, just like with books and music, you might have to make several bad games to make a good one, but that shouldn’t discourage you from trying. Even if you won’t become a full-time developer, an experience like this is definitely going to spark creativity that can also be used at your main work. That is why video games are considered one of the most fun ways to improve your productivity, especially if you are an intellectual worker.

RPGs advance storytelling skills

Storytelling is arguably the most important part of every role-playing game. The best RPGs are known for their vast worlds with realistic characters and complex stories that lead you through the game. This aspect of role-playing actually has applications in real life: you can improve your own storytelling skills by participating in in-game events and communicating with other players to make an interesting story, and it applies to game development, too. You need to really invest time and effort in writing if you are making your own role-playing game, and that will definitely advance your relevant skills.

Playing and writing for role-playing games has lots of benefits for your mind:

  • it expands your vocabulary and motivates you to learn new words,
  • it helps you learn how to express your thought effectively and influence others,
  • finally, it’s a fun endeavor that can be used to unwind and recreate.

Playing RPGs also improves your worldbuilding skills that allow you to create consistent stories, and it is important for many real jobs. Role-playing games can really make you more competent and inspire new discoveries at work. That means you should definitely give them a try.


Q: What are RPGs?

A: RPGs, or role-playing games, are games in which players assume the roles of fictional characters and engage in storytelling and decision-making.

Q: What are the benefits of playing RPGs?

A: Playing RPGs can improve social skills, creativity, problem-solving abilities, and teamwork.

Q: What are some popular RPGs?

A: Some popular RPGs include Dungeons & Dragons, Pathfinder, and World of Darkness.

Q: How do you get started playing RPGs?

A: To get started playing RPGs, you can find groups online or at your local game store. You’ll need a set of dice, a character sheet, and a rulebook.

Q: What are some tips for playing RPGs?

A: Some tips for playing RPGs include being open-minded, communicating effectively with your group, and staying in character.

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