What to Wear: Family Photos Outfits for Summer

You might be wondering:   for How do you preserve your family photos? Get helpful tips forA professional portrait photographer can help you choose the right family photo outfit.

What is the number one question my clients ask me? toWear.

Choosing family photo outfits doesn’t have toBe overwhelmed!

Over the past 11 years of photographing families professionally, I’ve put together some foolproof tips. These nine tips are available on my photography site.

SummerIt’s a wonderful time to schedule family photos.

Professional photographers usually aren’t as busy as they are in autumn.

You don’t have toIf you have school-aged children, schedule your school activities around homework and school.

College students are often home during summer so it’s easy toInclude them.

There are also summer vacations with extended families!

What better time toTake family portraits when everyone is present.

That’s my family up there when we celebrated my parents’ 50th anniversary at the beach. We decided toUse shades of blue toCoordinate our family photo outfits.

Ideas for FamilyPhoto Outfits

I don’t know about you, but I’m a visual learner.

This may explain why I love Pinterest and blogs so much.

It’s one thing to Tell Here are some suggestions for what to do. toWear, but only if it is possible. Show Tell me about it and why it works. That’s when it really Clicks forPlease contact me

It’s simple! toChoose a color scheme forYour family photo outfits are toAsk your group to pick the most picky member of your group and choose a clothing item with a particular pattern.

Simply choose 2 or 3 colors from the pattern to create an instant color scheme.

Next, take a photograph of the item with your cell phone in natural light and send it to everyone else toAssist them in matching the colors.

I’ve learned that blue is one of the best colors toWear forFamily photos

It’s easy toYou can find it in shops.

It looks great on everybody.

It is possible to mix colors together and achieve amazing results.

We chose navy, powder, and royal with light khaki and white for our family photos. We didn’t match, but we all coordinated.

Family portrait taken on beach with family wearing shades of blue and navy

My family stayed toOnly navy and powder blue forThese are our family photo outfits.

Everyone in the family wears something that suits them and their body type.

What toWear for Family Photos: Blue

These are just a few examples of families that chose to be a part of the CHOICES program. toChoose blue to be their unifying colour.

three generations in a family photo with ivy covered wall

This family was actually the inspiration forMy family’s photo outfits

Take a look at all the different patterns!

You can use stripes, plaids or tiny florals to create geometric patterns, but they all work well because you have some solids.

They did an excellent job adding layers and textures.

three generation family photo standing on stairs

Another example of mixing patterns well is when you have solids.

three generation family photo sitting on brick staircase

The family managed the business. toEven though they are on three different continents, they coordinate their family photo outfits!

Sometimes, I do. toTake a deep breath and realize that I am able to do it! toChoose a place that you like better than others toReisen to forVacation.

family of five with three sons

This family chose to wear solid colors forThis timeless look is timeless.

I love the fact that each man has a different pair of shorts or pants, especially the son with the blue bottom.

Can you see how the blue at the bottom helps to shift your focus from the brighter shirt at the opposite end of the image towards the side?

And mom’s statement necklace added some great texture.

family of four with two sons

Another mom chose to spice up her family’s photos with a fabulous pattern on her skirt (and dad rocked some “shark attack” shoes!.

Do you see how they’re each showing off their individual personalities with their choices, while still looking like a family unit?

And again, mom’s necklace helps toYou can break up her solid blue shirt by drawing your eyes towards her face.

These accessories are so important!

Two generations with adult children in front of a lake

This family chose a lighter shade to match cream and white with khaki.

A mix of shorts, dresses, and slacks creates visual interest at the bottom. The varied necklines and patterns keep the face interesting.

What toWear for Family Photos: Navy

Family with three adult children and spouses in front of a covered boat dock

Here’s the same family the year before!

They decided toAdd a secondary color forSome are more striking than others with their navy Blue.

Don’t you love how the coral adds a great punch?

Every person added a little bit of coral to their outfits in a different way. They used shirts, pants and necklaces.

Family of five sitting on a white quilt

Here’s another family that used navy blue as their unifying color.

We took their pictures right around the 4th of July so the little girl’s red bow made for a fun touch!

couple with small dog on a double wedding ring quilt in front of a lake

The couple also chose a combination of red, white and blue colors forPhotos of their anniversary.

With the addition of layers, her sweater and necklace created visual interest.

three generation family photo in front of lake

The family mixed their navy blue with hot pinks and turquoise forThey wore family photos in their outfits.

This is what navy blue excels at: It can be used as an accent color or as a neutral. family of four standing by a covered dock

This family paired blues and a deep, ocean-green.

They didn’t mix in patterns, but mom has some interesting detailing on her neckline and the son has a bit of that dark green peeking out from under his white shirt.

What toWear for Family Photos: Bright Colors

mother with three daughters reading a picture book

This family chose turquoise for their main color. forThey wore their family photos in stylish outfits

The stripe pattern on two sisters’ dresses has a similar look: one on her leggings, the other on her dress. Even her American Girl doll matches!).

And the oldest sister has a beautiful lacy pattern on her top, just like her mom’s sweater.

Dad went with a solid blue shirt that was the same color as some of the stripes in the girls’ leggings/dress.

Family of five with three daughters sitting on a gazebo

These are the key steps:

  1. Begin with a unifying colour scheme
  2. Use a mix of solids and patterns
  3. Consider adding a variety texture (including accessories) to your design.

Coordinate without matching

The mom chose her favorite floral-accented gown forPhotos of their families

She took the navy blue and orange from her gown. for her baby’s shirt and shorts, and dad’s shirt has some navy detailing in the placard.

What toWear for Family Photos: Neutrals

four generation family photo on stone stairs beside pool waterfall

A timeless alternative is black and white.

This family was celebrating their golden 50th wedding anniversary. The women chose gold accents for jewelry and jewelry.

Mixing in the black tops and the black stripes on the grandfather provided a nice change from the “everyone wearing white” trend that was so popular in the 90s and early 2000s.

White sure can make you tan. popSummer!

older couple sharing an adirondack chair in front of lake

They also chose black, grey, and white. forThese photos are theirs

When deciding what to do, neutrals are a timeless choice toWear forFamily photos

couple with pregnant mom standing in a field of tall grass and white flowers

Pastel and white always look so fresh for summertime portraits!

This couple was expecting a little girl so dad’s shirt featured some pink in the plaid pattern.

Using Color Tones & Tints

So far we’ve been talking about picking a color scheme based on particular colors.

There is another alternative: toSimply choose a color ToneHave everyone vote for the colors in that category.

WhatWhat does it mean to use color tones?

  • Pastels
  • Brights
  • Jewel-tones
  • Primary colors
  • Dark Colors
  • Neutrals

These are just a few examples of broad color categories.

So long as Everyone You can find pastels (or brights) in them.), they don’t need toBe wearing the same colors.

grandparents sitting in adirondack chairs with adult children and grandchildren standing around them

As you can see, the family chose toWear rich, vibrantly colored clothing

Some are in warm colours (red, orange and magenta), while others are in cool color (royal, turquoise, green).

But since they’re all wearing BrightsIt still works.

Large family reunion photo in front of lake

It is amazing how not one person matches, but the whole group looks great together!

I hope you find this inspiring. to schedule YOUR family’s photo session and helps you toFigure out what toWear for your family photos too.

For more inspiration in choosing your family photo outfits, check out our Pinterest board (and follow us on Pinterest while you’re there!You can find this link: What toWear It Family Photos

You can contact me with any questions or suggestions or leave a message!

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